A Murder in Time Had Me Checking My Watch

I am always very hesitant to use the term Mary Sue – it’s so gendered, so often used to attack female characters for traits admired in male ones.

Weekend Listening: Soup by Blind Melon

And every day you remind me how I’m desperately in need.

It’s Summer! Here are Four Things to Read When it’s Too Hot to Think

It is just too damn hot to do anything but lay naked on the living room floor underneath the ceiling fan with a wet rag on my forehead, praying for Christmas.

Why the Fuck Aren’t You Reading Locke & Key?!

You know how sometimes when you’re drunk you stop for a burrito to snarf down before you go to bed and it tastes so good? Locke & Key is that burrito, only it’s full of comic awesomeness.

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