March 2012 T-Shirt Giveaway: Official Entry Post

4 March 2012 by 149 Comments

Welcome to the new blog! Looks a lot like the old blog, doesn’t it?

If you’re here, you’re either subscribed to the blog already (hi, all 53 54 of you!) or you followed this post over from the other blog. Regardless, I’m sure you’re all interested in this free Insatiable Booksluts gear. The most exciting thing is that you will get to earn multiple chances to win!

The prizes: One (1) t-shirt or tote bag of your choice from our Skreened shop. You choose the design and color; the image above features brand new designs, but any design that we have in the shop is an option. (Hoodies, long-sleeve tees, baseball tees, sweatshirts, and athletic tees are excluded. They are more pricey than I have credit.) Also: three (3) small items from our Zazzle store (a “small” item in this case is a magnet, pin, or keychain–you may mix and match three magnets, three pins, a keychain and two pins, one of each, or whatever), your choice of designs. Some designs are still in the process of being published by Zazzle, but should be posted by the time the contest ends. These prizes are non-negotiable and cannot be traded for cash, because I don’t have cash. You will also win three (3) hand-crocheted eggs made by Chrissy, aka The Pink Woobie.

Time limit: This giveaway will be open until 11:59 pm EST, March 18, 2012.

How to enter: In order to enter this giveaway, the first step is subscribing to our blog. You can do this in one of two ways. Regardless of which method you use, your entry will not be official unless you comment to this post. (i.e., if you are already subscribed, but don’t comment, you are not entered.) For entering, you receive 1 chance to win. You will not receive two chances if you do both methods, so choose the one best suited to you. Also, it would help bunches if the e-mail address that you use for your official entry comment/subscription is the same one I use to contact you if you win the prize.

Method #1: enter your e-mail address in the sidebar under “Want us in your inbox?”, confirm your subscription, and then leave a comment on this post telling us that you have subscribed to our blog and you want to enter the giveaway. So that we can verify, when you leave the comment, you should use the same e-mail address in the email field that you used to subscribe. (You do not need to post your e-mail publicly at any time.) Don’t worry, we totally don’t give away or sell your information. We’d rather be eaten by sharks with bad grammar than to be jerks like that.

Method #2: If you subscribe using RSS, take a screenshot or other form of proof that you have subscribed to us and post it in the comments. (A link to the picture would be preferable to actually pasting the photo in the comments. If you need to host your photo somewhere so you can link it to us, try imgur or imageshack or tinypic.)

Your successful entry comment would look something like this: “I subscribed! [Here is my link if I am linking you a photo!] This is my official entry comment!” (Please tell us you are intending to enter in some way, otherwise I won’t know!)

How to earn more chances to win:

Unlike our last giveaway, you can earn more than one chance to win! We’re not going to ask you to do annoying stuff like spam your friends on Twitter and Facebook by posting links everywhere, though–you can get your friends in on the action to get more chances to win, but you choose how and how often you contact those friends. You know what will annoy your friends and we totally don’t.

All of the activities below are optional; as long as you do step one and enter the contest, you will have a chance to win the prize. This is very important: When you post your initial entry comment, I am going to go in and update your comment with an entry code. I’m doing this manually, so it may take several hours if I’m sleeping or drunk; please be patient. The codes are to avoid confusion among people who have similar names, and to provide you a unique entry ID while keeping your e-mail address and other identifying information private. You will need your entry codes to qualify for each of these activities.

Twitter: Follow us on Twitter and post a comment here with your username. This will earn you 1 additional chance to win. If you already follow us on Twitter, good news–you still get a point for this! Just post your Twitter username in the comments so we can verify that you do follow us, along with your entry code so we can update your chances to win.

Your successful comment would look like this: “My Twitter handle is @yourusernamehere and my entry code is 000000.”

Pimp out your friends: Get friends to enter the giveaway and you get 1 chance to win per friend who enters!  In order to get credit for referring your friends, they need to put in their entry comments that you referred them and mention your entry code so that we can give you credit.  So, it is a very good idea to wait until I have updated your comment with the code before telling your friends to enter.

Their successful entry comment would look like this: “I subscribed! I have a referral code: 000000”

Find the “Easter Eggs”: From now until the end of the contest, I will be randomly planting “Easter eggs” on the site–they probably won’t literally be Easter eggs, but you’ll find out the details when I plant them. What will happen is that I will post how to find the Easter egg here on the blog, and you will have to go find it to get credit. If the “egg” is a particular photo of Hemingway, for example, you’d use clues that I give you to go through the blog and try to find the photo. You would THEN make a comment on the post that contains the “egg”; your comment should have your entry code in it. The number and frequency of eggs that I’ll post will be random, and eggs will have a 48-hour time limit to be found, so you won’t be able to go back and do old Easter eggs if you join up later.

Your successful Easter egg comment on that post (not this one!) would look something like this: “I found it! Entry code: 000000”

Good luck, friends! We’ll do the drawing after the contest closes. If you win, you will need to provide us with a street address or PO Box for shipping, so if this makes you uncomfortable, please note that we won’t be able to ship off the prize and we’ll have to pick another winner. Oh, and welcome to our new online home!

(P.S. On a somewhat more serious note, a member of our family is having kind of major health trouble right now, and there is a chance that I will not be able to do the drawing immediately after the contest ends. Fear not, though–even if I have to go away for a few days, I will be back to do the drawing as soon as I possibly can.)


Susie is the Bitch-in-Chief at IB and is also a contributor at Book Riot. She's an ice cream connoisseur, an art fanatic, a cat-mommy of three, and a wife. She runs the @thebooksluts Twitter account and may be slightly addicted.

149 thoughts on “March 2012 T-Shirt Giveaway: Official Entry Post

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  2. I subscribed to the new site and just wanted to add that I love you guys! I want to win! :)


    Entry Code: 426578

  3. I’m following the new blog and would love to enter (and win!) the contest.

    Entry Code: 574685

  4. So proud to be in the first 54 to follow you here. We are the 2%! Woohoo…ok, sorry that was kind of corny.

    Anyway, your updates are the first thing I see every day when I login to Google. I subscribed (had to throw that in for good measure). Check it out:!/NicolleMK/status/176521319788187649/photo/1

    And, also am a follower on Twitter: @NicolleMK (Can I do this as 2-for-1 or do you want a separate comment with Twitter?)


    Entry Code: 957729

  5. I have totally jumped over and do want to be entered for the free SWAG! I have my eyes ona t shirt screen! :)

    Entry Code: 336718

  6. So, I am positive that I subscribed the day you notified us, but I didn’t get notification of this post in my inbox. Just in case, I subscribed again. If I’m still not subscribed, I guess I will just have to stalk you regularly (here, as well as on twitter – @popqueenie).

    Entry Code: 346152

  7. Those t-shirts are epic and I totally require one! I follow via email. :] I’m also already a follower on twitter, @craemaybee. Thanks!

    Entry Code: 304895

  8. I’m subscribed and I now follow you on Twitter! (@jenappell1) I’ve been stalking these shirts for a while now; maybe if I don’t win I’ll buy one for my birthday next month. :)

    I’m sorry to hear about your family member. D:

    Entry Code: 165146

  9. I have subscribed! This is my entry comment! and I was sent here by Jen (a few comments up^) and her entry code is 165146

    Entry Code: 545982

  10. I’m so glad to make the move with you! I subscribe by RSS but have no idea how to take a screen shot. Can you help?!


  11. (Signing off for the evening–my allergies are suddenly KILLING ME. Will catch up in the morning!)

  12. I subscribed to get you in my in-box! Woot! I love you guys! Please put me in for the drawings. Would love a tshirt!!!

    Entry Code: 468925

  13. Hi! I followed you here from the old website. I subscribed here and am posting for my chance to win. I’ve enjoyed your site so!

    Entry Code: 814263

  14. I am subscribed AND I follow you on Twitter @becomingcliche. Because it’s what the cool kids do. I did not see a bag of large-denomination paper money on the giveaway list. That was an oversite, right? Large, unmarked bills?

    Entry Code: 419929

    • Gee.. we had a sack of large, unmarked bills somewhere . . . . I can’t imagine where it got to. I’ll have to check behind the new hot tub!

  15. Hey, you guys…. I think you’re being followed. But don’t worry — it’s just me! Please enter me in the giveaway.

    Thanks for blogging about books.


    Entry Code: 296990

  16. There has been subscribing done…by me. In hopes of winning stuff and also continuing to read your stuff once you leave Word Press…

    Entry Code: 615881

  17. I’m already subscribed to your website and just followed you on Twitter (@happy_skeptic). Love this blog!!

    Entry Code: 486381

  18. :) HI! I subscribed! I would love to enter your giveaway!
    And by the way… I don’t think having to subscribe to a new place is a big deal. I mean, it’s like 3 clicks away? :P You’re worth three clicks :)

    Entry Code: 243232

    • YAY! And thanks :D (We also just like to give away free stuff.. because we have awesome readers who deserve free stuff.)

  19. Also, I follow you on Twitter. (Maybe I follow you twice? Twitter keeps telling me I don’t follow people I do.)

    My handle’s @nathanaelgreen and my entry code’s 245386.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  20. Whew, you guys. I wanted to respond to everyone individually, but my husband was all, you need to go out and be responsible and do things. So I didn’t have time.

    I have decided–and I will post this up in a future giveaway post so people know–that your entry codes will be your PERMANENT! giveaway IDs. Because I am logging them into a database! So if you want to enter future giveaways on the site that require entry codes, you already have them! :)

  21. I subscribed. I have a rich inner life. And your new font is tiny. I needed to embiggen my view. Damn my middle-aged eyes! Good luck with new venue.

    Entry Code: 353350

  22. I am following the new you and I’m commenting and I’m very sorry you have family health stuff going on, I know that can be rough.

    Congrats on the new site!

    Entry Code: 379295

  23. I subscribed when you first emailed about, but I’m slow to respond to posts. LOL My twitter handle is @ladypembroke (you know I follow you! *stalker*).

    Entry Code: 557116

    • Of course I know you do! ;) Although I’m glad that you listed your Twitter anyway, sometimes the connections between Twitter names and comment names don’t always click immediately :D

  24. I saw your post on Twitter about the contest and signed up right away for your blog! So this is my official contest entry but I’m also looking forward to reading your blog.

    Entry Code: 175354

  25. Hello. I subscribe to your website and would like to enter your giveaway!

    That’s not sex slang is it? Because I’m totally married.

    Also, to make doubly sure, “I subscribed! [Here is my link if I am linking you a photo!] This is my official entry comment!” (see what I did there?)

    I WIN at following directions!

    Also also . . . still following directions LIKE A BOSS: “My Twitter handle is @yourusernamehere and my entry code is 000000.” HAH! also I’m hysterically funny.

    My twitter handle is actually NOT@yourusername here. It is @blogginglily. Please don’t penalize me for being a jackass. I think BEING a jackass is penalty enough. I’ve learned my lesson.

    Entry Code: 238019

  26. Hey :) I subscribed through email and would love to take part of your giveaway. I also follow you through Twitter: @dayzer389.

    Entry Code: 151957

    • Heh, this post actually inspired me to finally get on twitter! My handle is brownflotsam. And I am so looking for these easter eggs. Oh and my code is 604339!

  27. I have just subscribed! And once I have a code, can I put down here that I already follow you on Twitter? My handle is @distilledchaos. Joyous!

    Merry website opening, by the way! It is lovely.


    Entry Code: 547796

  28. I’ve subscribed! And I follow you on Twitter already. You guys make my Twitter feed happy! @sowensphoto

    Also, I was looking for a couple of days for how to subscribe and then when you said it in the post I finally got it. Derp.

    Entry Code: 116644

  29. Hello,

    I’ve subscribed to the new site (Yay!) and I would like to enter the give-away. Congrats on the new site! xx

    Entry Code: 266763

  30. I subscribed! Aaand I follow on twitter @MelissaBaron4 As if I don’t already spend enough time reading your blog posts at work when I should be doing work like things. I love your blog, especially on Reading Rage Tuesdays.

    Entry Code: 594240

    • Aww, thanks! And if you ever take any heat from your bosses, just have em talk to me. We’ll work it out ;)

  31. So I most definitely just subscribed, and I’m proud to say your lure of an entry into the giveaway may have got me to do it.


    Entry Code: 609869

  32. Subscription: (I was going to sub via email just because I was feeling incredibly lazy, but I didn’t want to mess up your stats with a duplicate).

    I already follow your awesomeness on twitter, I’m @lazy_boo

    I wants me at least five of those shirts :) They are awesomesauce (as is the blog).

    Entry Code: 262625

  33. YEAH!! Finally we get to enjoy the insatiably erotic mind fondling in its full glory. Thanks for the amazing posts ;) …I subscribed and would love to publicly declare my nerdism with one of your t-shisrts.

    …okay, so I did a double post but only because the first one pretty much tells the tale. YOU GIRLS …are awesome.

    Entry Code: 663426

    • I also follow you ladies on twitter. My handle’s @fathershaggy. My brand new code’s 359452. Thanks!

      subscribed via email.

  34. hey i love your blog, and i follow on Twitter!
    i would love to win one of your awesome t-shirts!

    Entry Code: 553983

  35. I thought I had already subscribed when you first let us know you moved… *shrug* But I did it again to make sure. So this is MY official request/submission to the giveaway. :-) By the way I also already follow you on Facebook & just started following you on Twitter… I’m @tracieeastman

    Entry Code: 342983

  36. I’ve been registered for like a week now at this site, so anyways, here’s my official entry post!
    I’m so excited that you guys got your own website going. What a long ways you’ve come in such a short time.

    Also, I have a twitter and I’ve been following you for a while @brainreadr

    Entry Code: 707651

  37. Whoa! Dudes, your place is popular! Sorry I’m late for the brou-ha-ha and all, I just wasn’t sure if this was being offered to us Canadians. I’m letting you know I follow you anyway through (and on twitter as @froggedmind) as you friggin’ rock!

    Entry Code: 543581

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  40. i just subscribed & want to win some awesome IB merch. I didn’t get an entry code :S

    follow me on twitter @julebananas (!)

    Entry Code: 819556

    • YAY YOU! Did you just want to say hi or do you want a chance to win FREE THINGS?

      Edit: I see you went to look for the egg so I AM TOTALLY ENTERING YOU.

  41. Hello! I would love to enter your giveaway! I have subscribed to your blog through the newsletter link. Thanks for all the wonderful reviews you share with us!

    Entry Code: 286452

  42. I just found you on Twitter, too! I have attached myself as a raving fan — i mean ‘follower.’ It looks like my entry code is: 286452

  43. Alright, so it took a few days to get my butt in gear but now I’m subscribed here and I’m stalking you on twitter as well (@mydnitebyte)

    Entry Code: 283197

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