We mustn’t dwell. No, not today. Not on Rex Manning Day.

9 April 2012 by 8 Comments

Well, it’s technically no longer Rex Manning Day. Rex Manning Day fell on Sunday this year, on the same day as a less famous holiday known as “Easter.” But it’s still Rex Manning Day in California, and I just couldn’t let this day pass without recognition.

Rex Manning Day was founded in the year 1995, named for the sexiest singer who has ever walked the planet.┬áIt’s a day that celebrates his achievements, his virility, and his hair, even though his hair looks kind of stupid because the stylist went a little overboard. No biggie.

Just look how sexy he is. Rawr.

Rex Manning Day, like many holidays, has traditional activities. These activities include sink-bobbing:

ritual head-shaving:

and bucket coin toss:

All of which are fun activities that the whole family can enjoy.

Rex Manning Day also has a number of traditional foods that are prepared in honor of Rex. (Did you know that Rex is Latin for “king”? Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be.) These foods include cupcakes:

“herbal” brownies:

sweet coffee:

And, of course:

blue cheese dressing. Mmmmmm.

The festivities continue throughout the day. As evening falls on Rex Manning Day, ceremonial kegs of beer are delivered:

and traditional ceremonial garb is worn:

while songs are performed in homage to the great singer:

Rex Manning Day is a day of celebration, but it’s also a day of contemplation:

as we all consider the contribution that Rex Manning has made to our lives.

Missed Rex Manning Day? Don’t fret. Every day can be Rex Manning Day, if you have Rex Manning in your heart. Oh, and the DVD of Empire Records.

Happy Rex Manning Day!

(Yeah, this was in no way book-related. But I have geekdom for Empire Records that exceeds all blog boundaries. Don’t worry, there’s a book review coming your way in the morning!)


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