EXCITING NEWS! + Our last anniversary giveaway.

1 August 2012 by 44 Comments

You guys. YOU GUYS. I have the best news.

You all know Amy, right? Y’know, Amy–she writes lovely reviews for us and invented the DEATH MATCH (which we will bring back, I promise–it’s just on hiatus, not gone forever):

I am pleased and joyous and bursting with pride to tell you that OUR AMY wrote a book. Did I tell you that already? Well, I’m telling you again, because today is a special day. Today is the day that Amy’s book hit the market. It’s on sale now! RIGHT NOW. It comes in ebook format for $3.99, OR the paperback version is on sale right now for $7.99. (I ordered one of each. Because I love Amy THE MOST. Also, I am the most proud of her.)

What is this magical book? It’s a book of poetry!


Out of True is a slim volume of poetry, 98 pages. This is what Amy said about the book:

“It’s 20 years in the making and has poetry from the past twenty years of my life. A little bit from here, a little bit from there. Hopefully (if I’ve done my job) you shouldn’t be able to tell the difference. There are poems about a little bit of everything: magic and zombies and summer and trees and Diogenes and Delilah and snow and love and loss. Something for everyone, hopefully.”

In other words, it’s Amy bound up in pages (or kilobytes). She was awesome enough to send over a poem so you could read it and see how not-scary her poetry is. Because um, clearly? I can’t review this book. I am insanely biased and I would tell you to go buy like fifty copies if I wrote a review. Y’all know I try to keep it real when reviewing, so instead, here is a sample for you to read:

Downed Wires

Last night you came to me and told me
to stop looking. You were older
than I remember you. You would be,
of course; a lifetime has passed.
I still recognized you, but barely.
It was your eyes that clued me in, and the
hesitancy with your hands when you speak.
You still do that.

You smelled of the lake where you used
to spend your summers
and of exhaustion, high, hot, electric. The air
thrummed between us. I put out my hand
and relished the shock. Our
hair flickers like seaweed in the charged air.

Let me go, you said. Let me go
and you’ll be free. The sound
of water lapped lazy in the background.
I watched your eyes for a sign. Your words
weight me like stones in my pockets.

The boy you were runs past us
in the background, calling over
his shoulder. This is where I’ll be,
when I go, he says.
Find me. Come and find me.
Not finding something
doesn’t mean you’ve stopped looking.

Let me go, you say, but you know I won’t.
You grip my wrist in panic, a circlet of fire,
and I burn to ash.
Your eyes both judge me and thank me.
I live in the intersection of this Venn diagram.
I mindlessly trace the path like a labyrinth.
My feet know the way. To walk outside
would be madness.
To walk outside would be to lose you.
To walk outside would be to lose myself.

(blinks) I’m a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.

In other news, we also have our last giveaway. Now, I’m sorry that people who have already won giveaways have not yet received their prizes. THEY ARE COMING. (I know nobody has gotten them? Because I have been very busy and I haven’t gotten to send them. I’m way sorry. Things have been hectic in Casa del Rodarme. I haven’t even been able to tweet much as much as usual, which, we all know I basically live on Twitter. One day, I didn’t get to tweet at all and I think I almost had a seizure or something.)

This giveaway is a special giveaway, and I’ve decided it’s only going to be open to people that have been following us. That having been said, there’s no way for me to tell you whether or not you should enter. It’s safe to say that if you’ve been here for awhile, even if you don’t comment much, you can enter this giveaway. I don’t have any way to check to see if people have been reading us, so I’m going to trust y’all on the honor system. (Basically, if you found us through this post that someone RT’d, please, don’t enter this one. We do lots of giveaways! You can enter the next one, I promise!)

The reason that I want it to be open just to people who have been following us is that it’s kind of a personal giveaway. Amy, Rob and I have put together a trio of books that are meaningful or special to us; each book was selected by a separate bookslut, so they don’t really go together thematically or anything. Rob chose Interview with the Vampire; I chose Naked by David Sedaris; Amy chose The Moon is Always Female by Marge Piercy. After we chose and acquired the books, we shamelessly defaced them.


Yep. We wrote in the books. The books are full of notes from us to you.

My hope is that it kind of feels like you get to read books that we love along with us, which is why I only want it to be open to people who, y’know, know us. I don’t think that other people would probably even want to read books that we’ve scribbled in, heh. It would be strange. (Also, this is my actual copy of Naked that I’ve used here. The one I’ve owned for ten years or so and carted all around the country with me. I love you guys THAT MUCH. For realsies.)

Note: I failed to put a deadline on this, so I am making Sunday, August 12 the deadline. 11:59pm Eastern, as usual.

So, if you’d like to win the Insatiable Bookslut Trio of Defaced Books, please drop a comment down below and tell me you’re in! Do not forget, also, to swing by and check out Amy’s new book! WE LOVE YOU AMY!

P.S. Sorry if I seem a little cracked out writing this post. It’s because I am SO EXCITE. And also I just woke up. AND ALSO–wait no, that’s all.



Susie is the Bitch-in-Chief at IB and is also a contributor at Book Riot. She's an ice cream connoisseur, an art fanatic, a cat-mommy of three, and a wife. She runs the @thebooksluts Twitter account and may be slightly addicted.

44 thoughts on “EXCITING NEWS! + Our last anniversary giveaway.

  1. ZOMG, I am putting my name in the running RIGHT THIS SECOND! I know I probably won’t win, but I’m saying in advance that I’m SOOPERJELLUS of the person that does. Srsly and junk.

    <3 you guys, and Amy – your book rulled (heh, she will get it).

    • Are you entering? *wiggles eyebrows* *frowns because I look stupid wiggling my eyebrows* *damn, I need to pluck my eyebrows*

  2. Congrats to Amy!

    noted up books sound wonderful. like you are talking to someone as you’re reading. What a great giveaway!

  3. Of all of your giveaways, this is the one I would most like to win! Firstly, the books are amazing, secondly, the defacements!!! I would be so thrilled to have books defaced by the booksluts! I have been following you (that sounds dreadful – no, not in a stalky way, your blog!) for ages and ages and just want to tell you how much I look forward to your posts – and especially deathmatch, thanks Amy! I have been inspired to read books I might not have – Horns, Heart-Shaped Box and The Night Circus from the deathmatches, A Prayer For Owen Meany and lots of Margaret Atwood also because of Amy’s posts; thanks to Susie for Love in the Time of Cholera and Cormac McCarthy. Some of these books are now on my list of all-time favourites! Okay, I’m rambling…please enter me!

  4. And – how rude of me! – congratulations Amy on getting your poetry book published! I had never really been into poetry, but your lovely post about taking the fear out of poetry – and Margaret Atwood’s wonderful poem on that post (the hook and eye one) – has made me want to read more of it. In fact I found all of my old poetry books from school (in the olden days, I’m quite ancient) and started looking through them.

  5. It would be great to win some books but I just wanted to say that I’m having a lot of fun reading about books. Loved ebooks vs. paper books article. Thank you.

  6. I’ve been around for a while but haven’t commented (see that is totally what a newbie would say ;) but I just want to say CONGRATS AMY and you don’t have to enter me in anything (even though I would love to win) because it’s just nice to finally comment ;D

  7. I read you religiously!!! I would absolutely adore these books if I won them!!!!!! I HAVEN’T HAD A CHANCE TO READ THEM ALL BUT I’M CRAVING A NEW AND EXCITING ADVENTURE!!!!!!


    To whom it may concern,
    Please consider this my official entry.

    Thank you for your time,

    I cannot wait to get my paws on a copy of Amy’s book. I know there’s supposed to be a paperback version soon. I anxiously await.

  9. Holy kamoly, this giveaway is the most awesome. Please count me in!

    I ordered Amy’s book last night, and after reading that poem I am even MORE excited, if that’s even possible. I can’t wait. (The poem choked me up, big time.)

    **Look, ma! No typos!

  10. Thanks, everyone! And there are even BETTER poems in the book! I didn’t want to give away the best ones. Whoa, that sounded horn-tooty. TOOTING MY OWN HORN! RUDE! But, yeah. There are ones I like more than that one in the book (not that I don’t love that one, I do, I love them all as they are mine!) so if you like that, I think you’ll like the book!

    Enough with the horn-tooting, sheesh. Thank you, all. :)

  11. Congrats on the book! That has to be crazy exciting, yay!!

    I love the hell out of this blog…you’re getting a much coveted spot on my blog roll. ( ha ha, it’s not coveted at all, but still)

  12. Okay – I just found you guys in the last month or so – but I’ve wasted spent a couple of weeks reading through your whole blog – well, I’m not quite done yet, so I would still be super-stoked to win defaced books by you.

    And, based on that one totally awesome poem, I totally just bought Amy’s book – because that poem was just that awesome.

    • And I’m complete dope who hasn’t figure out how to close the strike-out here yet, even though I do it on message boards all the time. Grrr….

    • Hee! That’s totally okay. I was just worried I’d get a bunch of people flying through who never had read or will read the blog again :| not that I mind them winning stuff, but we did this SPECIAL dammit.

  13. Sooo….YAY AMY!!! I just bought your book! And…uhm…I’d really…really…OMG REALLY like to be entered in your drawing to win those books. :) Please?

  14. I would LOVE to have bookslut voices in my head while I read three great books. Interview is one of my favs and if you love Naked that much I know I’ll love it too! EEEEE! Whoever wins is going to be so freaking lucky. :D

  15. Verklempt is the word. Amy, I am buying a copy just as soon as there is more money going into my bank account than coming out, and it will be SOON, honest. (It better be. Also, I’ve been meaning to buy one of Susie’s awesome pendants for approximately ever. I have some serious IB fiscal support to throw down.) My dearly beloved does the whole writing poems thing (he hates it when I say “he’s a poet” as if that’s all he was, so), and if there’s one thing he’s taught me, it’s to actively appreciate the good poets we’ve got while they’ve still got a heartbeat. Like, um, you.

    Also I am entering the giveaway!! I don’t know if I’ve been following long enough to count, but I WANT to count, because I REALLY WANT TO SEE THOSE NOTES. Also, I’ll never get bored with Interview, ever.

  16. I think that hand picked books with your own hand written notes in them are a wonderful idea for a giveaway. Reading other people’s scribbles is one of the best parts of borrowing books from friends.

  17. I am so in this giveaway! And you know I’ve been following since the infant stage. Love y’all. Amy congratulations on the book. I love the poem you shared. Thank you. Poetry always makes me want to know the story behind the poem.

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