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20 October 2012 by Tell us your thoughts

So! We’re winding down the blog tour today. It’s been a fun week of celebrating poetry, and Amy’s poetry in general! If you missed any posts, all of them are over there on the sidebar.

I want to draw your attention to two posts in particular, for two reasons: one, that I haven’t mentioned them yet in a post here, and two, they both include giveaways to paperback copies of Out of True. If you entered Monday’s giveaway? You should definitely enter these too. You just tripled your chance to win*. You’re welcome.

Oh, I should probably tell you where the posts are. The first is here at TNBBC, where you can also hear Amy reading the poem “Fever”. The second is here at Savvy Verse & Wit, where you can not only hear Amy reading poetry, but also see her, because she is on video! Not only that, but Amy wrote you guys a brand new poem that has never been read or seen anywhere. Ever. The poem is called “Pink Slip, Broken Hip” and it’s about the secret, disturbing place the world becomes while we’re all off at work–unless, of course, like Amy, you’re currently underemployed. Then you get to see it.

Serena at Savvy Verse & Wit also reviewed Out of True. You can find that post here.

Next week, we’ll be returning to our regularly-scheduled programming. Thanks for hopping around and reading the posts this week! I am realizing that a week of posts is kind of fatiguing to readers. On the next tour, I will break with convention and shorten the tour right up for you guys. Because I love you.

*I don’t actually know how to do statistics, but I’m shipping out THREE BOOKS, you guys–you want to be in on trying to win all three.


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