Reading Rage is currently suspended. It’s been naughty.

31 October 2012 by 14 Comments
Naughty Tomatoes

Naughty, just like these tomatoes.

So, you guys might have noticed that I’ve been a little spotty on the Reading Rages lately. There’s a good reason for that: I have absolutely nothing that I want to bitch about right now. (Well, reading-wise, anyway.)

I know. After almost a year of writing them, the rage has gone silent for a bit. I’d rather not try to force it, you know? I’ll just end up writing shitty posts and you guys will be all like, “Man, that blog used to be kind of cool, but lately it’s just been really shitty. Fuck that blog.” And then you’ll go away and I’ll have to sit in the corner and cry into a handle of vodka. That’s bad because tears dilute vodka.

I’m going to suspend the reading rages for a bit because of that, with this exception: if you would like to guest post a reading rage (or if I have any current contributors who want to write a reading rage), please submit your post to Note: I take my own reading rage posts through three or four drafts (or more, if it’s sucking) before I even think about publishing them, so I might ask you to do edits if I accept your post as a feature. You’ll also have a greater chance of me picking your post if you send in at least a second draft, unless you’re some kind of badass, like this statue of a babyman wrestling a miniature alligator or crocodile:


I searched “badass” and this came up. I can’t argue. That manchildbaby is pretty badass.

I don’t know how long I’ll be on reading rage hiatus, but I’ll still be writing other stuff. Basically, I’ll be putting this series aside until I feel like my rage-batteries have been recharged, or until I find something that pisses me off enough that I want to write about it.

In other news: I’m thinking I will participate in NaNoWriMo this year. If you’re doing NaNo and you want to hook up in an online Insatiable Booksluts group, drop me a line in the comments and I’ll see what I can set up. You can also friend me here¬†and watch as I overload myself with projects in November and probably fail totally. Also, I’m about to start working on a redesign of IB. I don’t know when it’ll get finished, but it’ll be sweet (I hope) when it’s done. It’ll be a change, though–and I can already tell you that the ladies in the banner are . . . well, sort-of going away. I’m sorry. I don’t own the copyright to use those ladies, and even though I suspect that the copyright ran out, I don’t *know* that it did and I feel kind of bad using them as our header logo. Don’t worry, though. The site will still have all of your favorite things, plus some NEW THINGS that I can’t tell you about yet, but that are coming.

If you just come here to ogle the naked ladies, well, I don’t know what to tell ya. Luckily, you’re on the internet. I hear you can find all kinds of naked ladies on the internet.

Oh, and one last thing. I posted on Twitter and Facebook about this, but in case you missed it, issue 1 of Sundog Lit is out. You can read it for free online here, and I highly suggest that you do so. One of the stories, “The Future is the Motherfucking Future” by Will Kaufman, blew my mind. I also really liked “Cat Burglars” by Edward Hagelstein. If you have any favorite literary magazines, drop em in the comments below–I’m in the mood for some short fiction lately.

Since we don’t have a topic, tell me–what have you read lately that’s good? What did you dress up as for Halloween? Need to have a rant about something? If you had to plan a menu for your last supper, what would it be–and would there be cake? FREE COMMENTS DAY, talk about whatever the hell you want!


Susie is the Bitch-in-Chief at IB and is also a contributor at Book Riot. She's an ice cream connoisseur, an art fanatic, a cat-mommy of three, and a wife. She runs the @thebooksluts Twitter account and may be slightly addicted.

14 thoughts on “Reading Rage is currently suspended. It’s been naughty.

  1. I’d be down for self-overloading with another stab at NaNoWriMo. And I could use a more virtual writing group since the local one involves… people… face-to-face. *shudder* And there seems to be pubs and cafes involved, which involve money and food. Anyway… I’m in if you want me.

  2. I’m definitely down with a group for IB and NaNoWriMo! My region doesn’t have a writing region….like the closest is San Francisco, which is actually kind of far to go for write-ins, etc. I’d be good with like a Twitter write-in or something, even though I guess that could be distracting. I am pretty excited because my guild leader and I managed to rope my boyfriend into participating as well, so we can write furiously (or for him, dictate furiously) for 30 days straight. :D

    I am very excited to see the new design for IB. I understand suspending the reading rages if you’re not feeling rage-y. :) Thanks for being an awesome blogger :D

  3. I think it’s best to take a hiatus when you’re feeling burned out on something; when you don’t love it or enjoy it, it’s not fun anymore and it shows. And “forcing” rage is usually not a good thing to do anyway!

    Meanwhile, I totally want to find that Naughty Tomatoes snack food and nom upon it.

    I went as a Spelling Bee for Hallowe’en this year, mostly because I still have not managed to train the Editorial Parrot to wear a hat and carry a tiny little sword so that we can go as a pirate and his parrot.

  4. I get rage-y about a lot of stuff, but I don’t know if any of them are reading related. Other than when I want to read the next book in a series and it’s not out yet and the author is taking FOREEEEEEEEEEEVER to finish the next book. That makes me a bit rage-y. Not that authors are my performing monkeys and should write faster just to satisfy me. It’s just that if they take toooooooo long (I’m looking at you, Stephen King) then I forget where I am in a series and either have to read the whole thing over again or I just forget about it and that’s NOT COOL.

    I also dressed up for Halloween today as Princess Merida from Brave – I’m an elementary school teacher and the kids were super-excited about my costume. AND I got to talk in a Scottish accent all day – so wins all around.

  5. I love the idea of an online Insatiable Booksluts group! I am going to do NaNo too, I think. Will decide tomorrow, which is kind of last minute.

    Also, I love love love KurKura. They are tasty beyond belief.

  6. I will talk about unicorns! I’ve been reading Bruce Coville’s Unicorn Chronicles, which I started waaay back in middle school, and only today finished the third book. One more to go. Unicorns vs. goblins and hunters and a very cranky old lady. Woo!

    And. I started The Gunslinger today. So far, so interesting!

    Aaand now I’m going to bed.

  7. Awww, goodbye Reading Rage…for now. I’ve been a big fan but I totally understand needing to take a break. As Kate said above, forcing rage can’t be good for you.

    Hmm, nothing is making feel particularly ragey today but I’ll let you know if that changes. ;)

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