Giveaway! Win a paper copy of Action, Figure by Frank Hinton.

21 November 2012 by 41 Comments

Crappy instagram photo of THE GRAND PRIZE!

about the book (from the publisher’s website):

In a war-torn wasteland someone wakes wounded and blind to a life they don’t remember or understand. Halfway across the world a woman builds an intricate city out of personal debris to celebrate a brief period of happiness. Just downstairs a man sits meditating before his rumbling clothes dryer contemplating harsh realities of adulthood that seem to be rushing forth to consume. These are the lives of Frank and Lili, two roommates and sometimes lovers unable to accept or cope with anything but each other.

Set amongst an unknown exploding city and Halifax, the city that once exploded, Action, Figure moves within and merges streaming consciousness, self-loathing, and the recovering mind as three lost souls move to scaffold realities they don’t accept. To cope they attack themselves in whatever way they can, hoping that whatever survives will see through to better days.

Before I let you guys in on the details of this sweet, sweet giveaway, I’d like to tell you the heartwarming story of how I came to own this book.

Back in, oh, April or March or something, maybe May–I’m not so good with dates–I purchased a package of ebooks from Tiny Hardcore Press, which has some very reasonably priced e-books. One of the books I wanted–Action, Figure–wasn’t due out until June, so I e-mailed and said, ohay, can I add this book and then receive it later? And instead of being all “NO that would be TOO MUCH WORK FOR US” like many people would, the lovely folks at THP said “Sure! Please do!” Rad.

June came and went, and I didn’t think about it until July (or August, like I said, not good with le dates), but I hadn’t received my book. No bigs; I know THP is a pretty small operation, and I wasn’t upset about it. I e-mailed and was informed that the book’s release had been delayed. Again, no bigs. I was happy enough that they responded quickly, courteously, and with the information I needed. (Really, things happen–it’s how companies deal with it that matters, amirite?)

Some more time went by and I saw on Twitter that they were talking about a forthcoming book. And I remembered that other book that I had ordered, so I tweeted at them that I’d never received it. THP got back with me right away; Roxane Gay, the publisher, not only apologized immediately, but she offered to send me a free paper copy of the book since I’d had to wait. My first instinct was to say “no thank you” since I have a small mountain of books that don’t even have homes on a shelf right now. Then I thought, “Wait! I could GIVE THIS BOOK AWAY to my lovely blogfriends.” A few days later, the book arrived. (And it’s LITTLE! Which shouldn’t be a surprise, I guess, with a name like Tiny Hardcore Press. It’s more like a square than a rectangle. It’s cute!)

If you’d like to win this book, here’s what you do:

1) Leave a comment on this blog. Mandatory. This is the only way to enter this giveaway, and you only have to do this in order to be entered. The rest is extra.

2) Bonus: For one extra chance to win, share the link to this giveaway on Twitter, your blog, or Tumblr. When you do, come back here and add the link to that tweet or post as a reply to your original comment. (You can also use Facebook, but I must be able to see it–if it’s set to “friends only” and I can’t see it, it won’t count and I’ll pick another winner if that’s the post I landed on.) You can only get one point total no matter how often you share it.

3) Bonus: For two more additional chances to win, create a tableau with dolls/action figures/etc from a book you love (a la the cover of Action, Figure), take a photo, and share the photo via social media, linking the giveaway. I’ll probably pin the photos, so by choosing this option to get the votes, you agree to that. Get as crazy and creative as you want. When you’re done sharing, leave the link in a reply to your original comment. (Again, if you use Facebook, I have to be able to access it.) Make sure you tell us what the scene is about and what book it’s from!

This giveaway ends on Sunday, November 25, at 11:59pm. So get your entries in today!


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41 thoughts on “Giveaway! Win a paper copy of Action, Figure by Frank Hinton.

  1. While I’m totally buried beneath a pile of review copies, this wouldn’t ACTUALLY be considered a review copy so I could totally comment here and get my name thrown into the hat and feel all guilt-free if I were to win it.

    Not to mention that I’d totally choke on my potatoes tomorrow during dinner if I let the chance to read a book from a publisher I haven’t read yet slip right on past me.

    so.. ya’ know… there’s that.

  2. You bet yer sweet butt I’m in. I will Tweet this. I will return, prove my love. I will share with friends. Fuck Facebook, I’m a love addict. Twitter is safe for my kind. I will shoot the tableaux, too. I’m that determined. Thanks.

    • I am looking forward to seeing your tableau! (Just realized I misspelled it before. Damn my not being fluent in French! *shakes fist*)

  3. I have to go to a thanksgiving dinner, so I don’t have time to stage the tableau, but it would be a small, stuffed cow wearing lederhosen and a squishy-foam Dogbert presiding over the execution of a rubber ducky by a bendy-man using a comically over sized barbell to smash the ducky’s head into an old plaster cast of my lower teeth while a bendy devil-smiley-face guy sits on a dead potted plant observing his handiwork and, well, smiling.

    • I am so happy to get back from WV and find these waiting for me. I’m exhausted now but I’ll browse them tomorrow!

  4. Love the backstory of how you got the book! Would love to read this book, it seems really interesting. :) thank you for the chance to win the book! :)

    • Wow, I do wish that I had seen that typo before I hit “post.” Oh, well. Pay no attention to the random apostrophe.

      Weird. Sometimes I show up as “Heather,” and other times I show up as Becoming Cliche.

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