Happy 2013! EotW updates and general stuffs.

1 January 2013 by 19 Comments

Hello, fellow booksluttians,

Welcome to the new year! I’m glad to see that nobody seems to have disappeared due to the Mayan apocalypse, and that America hasn’t descended into chaos over the fiscal cliff hullabaloo. Whew, amirite? I hadn’t yet read all the books I wanted to read, so, I’m glad I’m not in heaven or whatever was supposed to happen when the world ended. (Because I would totally go to heaven. Mm-hmm.)

I want to apologize for the recent radio silence. I was in New Orleans for a week visiting my brother-in-law, and I’ve also just been taking a little mental break. I actually neglected to post our recommended reading for December … eeek …. so you’ll get a bonus recommended reading post this month. Something to use up your holiday gift cards on, I reckon!

Also, I’m turning 30 in two days. So there’s that. (Cough.)

Remember, if you’re participating in the EotW challenge, you’ve got until January 6 to get those lists together (see this post for even more details, in case you missed it). Um, let’s just use this post right here for posting your results; just post your final page count, and whoever has the highest, I will ask you for your list and a link to your reviews so I can go through the process of vetting your list (which may take time). Confession: I didn’t really have much of an exit plan for this challenge. It’s kind of difficult to keep up with something like this for a year! And I think I thought it would be less complicated. Learning experience.

I’ve kinda-sorta started the redesign of IB, but since I lost ALL of my resources and bookmarks when my laptop took a dump, it’s going to be a slow process of re-educating myself. Which I’m really looking forward to. Oh wait, I’d actually rather gouge out my eyes with rusty spoons. I’m going to forge ahead, though; I want the end result more than I want to be lazy, but it’s gonna take extra time. Sigh.

In happier news, I have started taking medication to combat this depression thing that I’ve been going through, and it actually seems to be helping; I only had one travel-related meltdown while we were on our trip to NOLA. It was kind of magical. So, 2013 might see a less angsty Susie. Don’t worry, I’ll probably still have plenty of things to rant about. I’m not that zonked out.

Happy New Year! Let’s make 2013 an awesome one.


Your faithful bookslut,



Susie is the Bitch-in-Chief at IB and is also a contributor at Book Riot. She's an ice cream connoisseur, an art fanatic, a cat-mommy of three, and a wife. She runs the @thebooksluts Twitter account and may be slightly addicted.

19 thoughts on “Happy 2013! EotW updates and general stuffs.

  1. I came in at 47,572 (that’s my GR total of 47,666 [!] minus 94 pages for OUT OF TRUE, which doesn’t count towards the challenge) pages in 125 books. All of which I liked, because if I didn’t like a book, I didn’t finish it or blog it. I believe in W.H. Auden’s dictum that writing bad reviews is mostly showing off, and if a book is crummy, it’s best to just allow it to quietly sink into oblivion.

  2. My total is 33,209. I have a Goodreads shelf for books that qualify for the challenge. I read more books this year than ever before, though a bunch didn’t qualify as they were re-reads or graphic novels. But that’s ok – I enjoyed them anyway!

  3. Three cheers for NOLA!

    Three cheers for new medication and a better-feeling Susie!

    Three cheers to whoever wins the contest! (I’ve definitely bowed out.)

    Happy New Year, friend!

  4. Happy New Year!
    Congrats on getting some down time — sounds like it was great! I’ve never been to New Orleans but would love to someday. And glad too to hear that medication is of some help — I haven’t often been stuck in depression, but the times I have, I think Churchill was on to something when he referred to it as his “Black Dog” days. Here’s to a brighter 2013.
    And as for turning 30: Happy pre-Birthday! It really doesn’t hurt :)

  5. Happy new year, Susie! And happy birthday :) Trying to continue redesigning when you’ve lost the resources is incredibly difficult, leaving it for a while is probably the best way to handle it.

  6. Happy New Year & happy impending birthday! May this year bring you a perfect balance of non-depression and awesomeness coupled with exactly the right amount of grouch for a few amazing Reading Rages (and no more than that).

  7. 43,908 challenge-eligible pages for me this year; I made a 2012 challenge shelf on Goodreads. I enjoyed participating, but in 2013 I’m going to allow myself to do some more re-reading and savoring of longer reads. Plus, read all the unread books in the house! Right…

    Happy New Year and happy birthday! Thirty is just a year closer to 33, which is a multiple of 11, which is awesome.

  8. I did not do the challenge-thingy because I had not yet discovered the blog back in January. And because I’m way too disorganized to have done it anyway.

    And, I’ve decided that we will both go to heaven eventually and that there will uninterrupted reading time and ALL THE BOOKS will be available and awesome. And I will have the perfect reading chair and reading light. And be magically supplied with a never-ending (and non-fattening) supply of caramel macchiatos and Jammie Dodgers.

  9. A belated Happy Birthday, Susie! I was also out of town this week, and just got back.

    Eh…I’m almost too embarrassed to state my page count (*cough* 8,088 *cough*). If this were a running marathon, I’d be that one straggler they have to pick up and drive to the finish line because it’s been at least 45 minutes since the person ahead of me finished and everyone’s tired of waiting, so they sent the golf cart or sweeper bus or whatever it’s called to pick me up :)

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