Cunts Need Music, Too.

9 August 2013 by 30 Comments

You know what was the fucking BEST about being a young person constantly on the lookout for new music in the mid-90s?  The goddamn riot grrrl movement.

In case you’re not familiar, the grrrls were underground punk rock feminists.  They sang songs about things I didn’t even know you COULD sing songs about.  Rape, abuse, patriarchy – fucking vaginas, man.  Sex and sexuality.  Not in couched terms, either.


What does an admitted Music Snob Slut do when called a cunt?

Well…she could go the route Amy chose and write an open letter.  But really, Amy is far better at that than I am.

I could have written an angry rant, or chosen to be offended, but – really?  I’m so not.

So instead I made a playlist.

A playlist celebrating cunts, pussies, boxes and vaginas.

There’s lots of grrrl stuff on here, but other things that will make you laugh or dance.

Like when Maude taught Harold to celebrate this giant wooden vagina.

Like when Maude taught Harold to celebrate this giant wooden vagina.

I’m going to keep this short (what, me?) cos I want you guys to at least listen to SOME of these songs.  Maybe I’m a lazy cunt for not writing more, but really, what more do you need?

Turn the volume up, point your cunt at the stereo and treat it to some songs celebrating the lady-bits.  Your cunt will appreciate it, I promise.

Unfortunately, there are issues with embedding today (or maybe I’m just an incompetent female that’s incapable of figuring out such technology – I mean, you can’t expect someone with a vagina to be able to figure shit like this out.  I need a white wine spritzer and a wet washcloth for my forehead). So, you’ll have to click through to get to the playlist. [Ed note: TOTALLY WORTH IT, CLICK CLICK CLICK! – Susie]



sj (never SJ) hates everything. Except books and music. Sometimes she hates those too. Ask her about drinkalongs.

30 thoughts on “Cunts Need Music, Too.

  1. I may or may not have IMMEDIATELY put this playlist on when the post went up and listened to all of it.



  2. Both my cunt AND myself – or maybe my cuntloving self – ADORE THIS PLAYLIST. I can’t stop the cunt jams!!! And fuck yeah I DID JUST TYPE CUNT JAM.

  3. It doesn’t SURPRISE me, per se, that you were immediately able to come up with a playlist celebrating cuntery. But it does make me grin irresponsibly.

      • That’s true – is there anyone on the playlist who Courtney Love HASN’T punched?

        True story: I lived in Seattle in the early-90s and played in a cover band – Courtney took a swing at me one night because she thought that I was hitting on Kurt. As if – totally not my type. Sadly for her, she was high and I had just gotten out of the Marine Corps, so I put her on the ground before security threw her out of the club.

          • lol – at that point in my life, it was reflex more than intention. I’m fairly certain that she called me a cunt, among other things, while she was being thrown out of the club, too. I think that someone must have explained to her that I was seeing someone else at the time because, while she was never super friendly to me, she was never super nasty to me after that night either.

            Or she was so high at the time that she didn’t even remember meeting me previously, let alone tussling. Of course, she got into so many physical altercations with other women, that it may have been a non-event to her.

        • Oh, Courtney.

          I don’t know if there’s any celebrity in the whole world I feel sorry for and still love, despite all the worrisome things they’ve done, more than Courtney Love.

          She won me over with her music, and I can’t quit her. Just can’t. Even when she does these cringeworthy things. She’s still my Courtney. (I’ve worn out my Hole albums twice; now I have them as MP3s, so less-likely to be worn out, I suppose.)

          • Ah… Courtney.

            Courtney is a tough one for me and not because of Kurt either – heaven knows that he had enough problems all on his own and, even more than Courtney, wallowed in them. Who knows if he would have ever grown out of his “tortured soul” shtick? Although I don’t think that she helped things – although I think that she tried at the end.

            My issues with her have more to do with Frances Bean – she deserved better from her mother than what she got.

            • I agree about Frances Bean. (Who, by the way, seems to have turned out surprisingly well. And she’s so beautiful.) But I think Courtney actually seems to have wanted to be a good mom, and her mental health didn’t allow it. I think that’s so sad.

              And as for Kurt – well, I just empathasize with both of them. Mental health stuff hurts me. I can understand how you just get caught in that, and there doesn’t seem to be a way out.

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