Are you ready for a #SlutsInTheAttic group read?

7 December 2013 by 43 Comments


Have you heard?

Lifetime is airing its own movie adaptation of V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic on January 18th. Here’s the trailer, from Goodreads’ YouTube channel:

Having dedicated an entire month of Trashy Tuesdays on Snobbery (in December of 2011) to the Dollanganger series, sj alerted us on Twitter to the new movie coming out. It was then decided that it would be fun to do an IB group read of Flowers in the Attic before January 18th.

So that’s what we’re going to do.

Flowers in the Attic

Starting December 14th, a group of us are going to read Flowers in the Attic together, and we’re inviting all of our interested readers to join us. We’ll be reading the book over a four-week period, six chapters per week. At the end of each week, one of us will post something about that week’s section here on IB so we can all discuss it together in the comments. If you’d like to write about the group read on your own blog, and/or post your thoughts on your blog at the end of each week, great! Just make sure you link back to IB so others can read or join the discussion taking place here. We’ll also be talking about the book on Twitter as we go along, using the hashtag #SlutsInTheAttic. Fitting, right?

Here’s the schedule we’ll be following (feel free to read at your own pace and join the discussions when you’re able):

December 14 – 20:  “Prologue” through “The Wrath of God”

December 21 – 27:  “Momma’s Story” through “Christopher’s Exploration and Its Repercussions”

December 28 – January 3:  “The Long Winter, and Spring, and Summer” through “At Last, Momma”

January 4 – January 10:  “Our Mother’s Surprise” through the end of the book

If you’d like to join us, you have a week to get your hands on a copy of the book before we start reading. I personally haven’t read Flowers in the Attic since I was maybe 14 years old–and I kind of remember finding it pretty ridiculous–so this should be fun. I’m looking forward to our conversations about this one.

Want some Flowers in the Attic read-along bling for your sidebar? We got you covered:


Do you remember your first experience with V.C. Andrews? Tell us about it in the comments!


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43 thoughts on “Are you ready for a #SlutsInTheAttic group read?

    • It does, doesn’t it? Haha!

      I haven’t read this book in so long. I’ve forgotten a lot of the details. It’s going to be like reading it for the first time again!

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    • See, I want to say that I was 14 or somewhere around there, but I might have been younger. It’s hard for me to remember because our school district had two schools–K through 4 was in one school, and 5 through 12 was in the other. I remember checking it out from the high school library, but that means I could very well have been in 5th or 6th grade. I just know I was young. Haha!

      • I remember this kid Bart (who was a year younger than me) gasping when he saw me reading one of them because apparently he’d tried to check them out (our school was k-12) and the librarian wouldn’t let him.

        • Ashley’s librarians are like that, too. They wouldn’t let her check out a NANCY DREW COMIC when she was in 4th grade because it was “for 6th graders.” I was so irritated. The librarians in my school were great, though–they never stopped me from checking out anything.

  2. I went through a HUGE VC Andrews phase when I was in my early teens. Went back in the last few years and reread as many as I could tolerate, which was about 4. Such delicious filth.

      • If you’ve read one series, you’ve read them all. Same general themes. I did like the Dark Angel series when I was in middle school. It might be worth a gander.

        I need to see if I can find my copies of these books.

  3. The copy I own actually looks like the one you have above! I haven’t read Flowers in the Attic since I was maybe 15 years old! I read the entire series as well as other VC Andrew books. I was fascinated by the idea of incest (never heard of it till I read the books) and I thought I was reading some “forbidden” book at the time! Maybe I was? Either way, a lot of the content was a bit too much for me. I feel they may STILL be! She’s that good!

    I don’t know if I could go back to read them though. It would bring back memories of what my life was like in my teens (not a great time), but it is an author whose books I would love to collect again. The ones I have were preowned and aren’t up to my standards!

    • Well, if you decide you’d like to re-read FitA with us, we’d love to have you join us. :)

      My teens were a pretty crappy time for me, too. That’s completely understandable. There are certain books and songs that I never want to read or hear again because they remind me of crappy things that were going on the first time I read/heard them.

  4. SHUT UP! Omg, exciting! I was 12ish when I was first introduced to these books. My dad’s girlfriend thought it was a great book to recommend to me. (Ha!) I remember knowing that I should NOT be reading it. But wowza, I was in love with that attic trash. LOVE I tell you. Should I read along with you guys? I don’t know…what if my Andrews love is tarnished? I’ll think about it :D

  5. I’m excited for the movie and readalong but a little uncomfortable with the hashtag. Not suggesting it be changed, just if someone could pat me on the head and tell me there, there, it’s not victim blaming or slut shaming.

  6. My older cousin gave me her copy of Flowers in the Attic when I was in middle school and she was in high school. Of course I had to read it—my cool older cousin did! I was hooked and read this series one after the other, but haven’t read any other VC Andrews. I’d love to join, but my copy is two states away at my parents’ house… ah!

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  8. I am ALWAYS down for this kinda bookclub, it is a guilty pleasure.

    Thank you, Kindle, for giving me an audio copy of this for under $5 when I bought the book. LOL.

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