The Reading Report: Book News from June 2 – June 8, 2014

9 June 2014 by 6 Comments
the reading report: book news The Reading Report is a weekly list of book news and links we found interesting from the previous week. Actual links may not be from the previous week. We can't read EVERYTHING in a timely manner.    


The Best Things All Week

A new site launched on June 3 that sells $6 DRM-free small press ebooks. Yes, please. via Publishers Weekly

David Foster Wallace Subscribes to The Believer; Can’t Fathom Putting a Postcard in an Envelope via Biblioklept. So funny.

The Worst Things All Week

The Muscle-Flexing, Mind-Blowing Book Girls Will Inherit the Earth via NPR

“And they do, on a broad scale, seen in large groups, seem to emerge as a type that is in a sense unfair to all of them but feels like a weighted average: They dress for comfort; they pull their hair back. They move in groups, they drink iced coffee, they talk about podcasts, I secretly suspect as I eyeball their earbuds that all their music is playlists, and they read all the time. They … consider power and individuality to be topics for books that are at least as important as kissing.”

I wanted to love this article, but um . . . . I didn’t. It’s like the author was saying “I’m not going to stereotype Book Girls” but then turned right around and stereotyped Book Girls (and what is with the annoying Capitalization Of Book Girls?)

Ruth Graham embarrasses herself by suggesting that people be embarrassed by reading YA (via Slate), then tries to defend her position on NPR and fails. (We wrote about it here.)

Stuff to Read

Featured Review: Long Hidden: Speculative Fiction from the Margins of History, via Strange Horizons:

“They are a staggeringly diverse bunch of stories by a staggeringly diverse posse of authors . . . broad enough to encompass the entire world and all of history up to a hundred years ago, other than the paths which are already so well-trodden as to be clichéd.”

Lizbeth Zwerger’s Imaginative Illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, via Brain Pickings. Gorgeous renderings unlike any Alice in Wonderland illustrations I’ve seen.

George RR Martin’s editor hints at eighth Game of Thrones book, via The Guardian. I don’t read this series, but I think if Stephen King had written an eighth Dark Tower book, I would have cried.

Penguin Releases Previously Unpublished Work by Dorothy Parker via GalleyCat.


Harvard confirms that book was bound using human skin, (via the NYT) and I vow never to read old books ever again. (quietly gagging)

A Siberian city gave people free rides to celebrate the poet Pushkin–if they could recite two verses of his poetry. via the BBC. Reading poetry pays off, y’all.

Authors and Writing

The Writing Life: Writing and Mental Health via Electric Literature:

“In the largest study on this question (including almost 1.2 million Swedish patients), researchers found writers to have more than double the risk of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder compared to a control group of accountants. Writers also faced a greater risk of depression, anxiety disorders, and substance abuse.” Of course, that may be self-selecting.

The secret of Nabokov’s sexual style (via The Guardian), in case you’re not totally sick of reading about Nabokov and sex.

Remembering the Short Fiction of Gabriel García Márquez, via NPR. Sigh. We lost two literary giants this year.

Tell us: what interesting book news did you come across this week?


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6 thoughts on “The Reading Report: Book News from June 2 – June 8, 2014

  1. I just read the Strange Horizons review and the comment thread.

    I am now feeling shamed for agreeing with her about not enjoying phonetic dialect in most fiction.

    • Don’t feel shamed.. most authors* don’t do a good job with it.

      *ETA: I was thinking about white authors who try to mimic dialect that isn’t part of their own culture.

  2. I love this comment by Ben King re: the NPR interview with Ruth Graham:

    SCENE: A bookstore customer is perusing a picture book. Suddenly, a woman springs up, slaps the book out of his hand, and dashes off.

    Man (startled): Hey! Who was that?

    Clerk: Oh, not to worry. That’s just how Ruth Graham is. :-D

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to…hold on… *checks in closet and under the bed for Ruth Graham*…ok, I’m safe. Now I’m going to check out those Alice in Wonderland illustrations.

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