What Would Be On Your Ultimate 90’s Playlist?

24 June 2014 by 52 Comments

empire records 90s playlist

Okay, you guys. The 90’s. Let’s do this.

If you were musically aware in the 90’s, then you know there was some bomb-ass music happening until it stopped happening (but that’s another story). My whole pre-teen/early teen musical life was defined by Nirvana, RHCP, R.E.M., Tupac, Snoop Dogg, The Cranberries, Lisa Loeb, Alanis Morisette; my love for 90’s music will probably follow me until I am 75 years old blasting “2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted” in my giant old lady car.

old lady driving

ain’t nothin’ but a gangsta party

I know there are people out there who feel the same. Don’t try to deny it.

What I want to do is build the most ultimate 90’s playlist that has ever existed in the history of ever. I want it to be so super-saturated with 90’s goodness that we actually go back in time, y’all. And I need your help to do so. I wanna know what songs take you back to the days of laughing at Beavis and Butthead, organizing your Caboodles, shipping Cory and Topanga, and unwinding with your shiny new SNES.

There are two ways you can participate in this building of an ultimate 90’s playlist:

–Add your songs directly to the Spotify playlist. You can go here to do so. It will prompt you to log in and then to follow the playlist, after which point you can add whatever and as many songs as you want (as long as they are 90’s songs, please!)

–Drop your suggestions in the comments, and I will add them when I can. (You can comment with your picks AND add them to the list, but please note if you’re adding them so I won’t double-add!)

So what are you adding to the list? What are your ultimate 90’s playlist songs?


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52 thoughts on “What Would Be On Your Ultimate 90’s Playlist?

  1. What a great idea!

    “Nightswimming” and “Everybody Hurts” by R.E.M. and RHCP’s cover of “Higher Ground,” definitely. Depeche Mode — oh, lots of songs! “Halo” and “Never Let Me Down Again” near the top of my list. Was “Humpty Dance” in the 90s? That song still makes me crack up every time I hear it.

  2. Oh boy. Um…I guess there has to be at least one song off Jagged Little Pill – probably “You Oughta Know.” I was SUPER into Bush, particularly “Glycerine.” No Doubt – either “Spiderwebs” or “Don’t Speak.” I love “No Diggity” by Blackstreet. “Super Bon Bon” by Soul Coughing. “Self Esteem” by The Offspring. “Daughter” by Pearl Jam. “Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong” by The Spin Doctors. “A Long December” by Counting Crows.

    Does anyone else remember that ridiculous Geggy Tah song from circa ’96 or ’97? “All I wanna do is to thank you, even though I don’t know who you are, ’cause you let me change lanes when I was driving in my car…” I loved that song (don’t ask why) and also White Town’s “I Could Never Be Your Woman.”

  3. So far I’ve added Poe, The Toadies, Elastica, Veruca Salt, PotUSA, Silverchair, Folk Implosion, Geggy Tah, and I’m sure I’ll add a bunch more as I think of them.

  4. I know I’ll be listening to gansta’ rap in the nursing home when I’m old. Sorry but Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber just don’t appeal to me at all! I don’t know what happened to the music but it sure did die and I blame pop for killing it.

    Anyway, here are a few suggestions for your playlist:
    1. Salt N Peppa’s “What a Man”
    2. Kris Kross’s “Jump”
    3. Tupac’s “God Bless the Dead”
    4. Big Pun’s “I Don’t Wanna be a Player No More”
    5. Notorious B.I.G. & Bone Thugz N’ Harmony “Notorious Thugs”

  5. *gleeful gasp* *is suddenly wearing old smiley-face t-shirt, hair pulled back in a scrunchie, wearing a backpack with giga pets hooked on like keychains and sitting on a bed crowded with Beanie Babies, American Girl catalogs, and Girls’ Life magazines*

    Ok, I’m ready!

    “Waterfalls,” by TLC
    “Say My Name” and “Survivor,” by Destiny’s Child
    “Wannabe” and “Stop,” by the Spice Girls
    “Drive,” by Incubus (album was released in ’99, single in ’00)
    “Dream Lover,” by Mariah Carey
    “Heart in Motion” and “Baby, I’m the Lucky One,” by Amy Grant
    “Someday,” by Sugar Ray
    The If You’re Feeling Sinister album by Belle & Sebastian
    “I Can Love You Like That,” by John Michael Montgomery
    “Blue (if I were green I would die),” by Eiffel 65
    “Backstreet’s Back” and “Larger than Life,” by the Backstreet Boys
    “True to Your Heart,” by 98 degrees (my iPhone doesn’t have the degree symbol)
    “Black or White,” “Heal the World,” and “Will You Be There,” by Michael Jackson
    Weird Al’s 90s albums (Off the Deep End, Alapalooza, Bad Hair Day, and Running With Scissors)
    “Barbie Girl,” by Aqua
    “Graduation Song (Friends Forever),” by Vitamin C
    “All Star,” by Smash Mouth
    And for something completely different, Enya’s “Caribbean Blue”

  6. ‘Spit on a stranger’ – pavement
    ‘Popular’ – nada surf
    ‘Hows it gonna be’ – third eye blind
    ‘Dammitt’ – blink 182
    ‘You get what you give’ – new radicals

    • I totally cannot think of “Spit on a Stranger” without hearing the Nickel Creek version from the Milemarker CD we had back at Starbucks at UK.

  7. There has to be some Tori Amos…Little Earthquakes was the sound track to my college years…93-97…I saw her 3 times in concert. And then some Blues Traveler, Rusted Root, Counting Crows, Dave Matthews Band…

  8. Anything by dada. “Dizz Knee Land” is the one everybody knows. I’d probably go with “Feel Me Don’t You” but it’s hard to pick just one.

    Ani, of course. Again, anything, but “Outta Me Onto You” is a great punkish song to rage along to.

    Bikini Kill “Rebel Girl”

    Bad Religion “American Jesus”

    Apparently, I’m in a very punky antagonistic mood today, musicwise. Good stuff, though!

  9. I need to listen to this playlist ASAP, because I have a feeling there are a lot that I will recognize by sound but don’t actually know the name or artist of. I added:

    This is How We Do It – Montell Jordan
    Strange – En Vogue
    Giving Him Something He Can Feel – En Vogue
    Give It Up, Turn It Loose – En Vogue

    I think that’s all I added. I find it very depressing that ‘No Diggity’ is apparently 90s and I only knew of its existence because of PItch Perfect. I’ll go hide now. :)

  10. oh god, so many things to add! note: my listing them doesn’t necessarily mean i *like* them, just that they make me think 90s…

    backstreet boys/n’sync/britney/christina
    semi-charmed kinda life (that song is STILL everywhere)
    celine dion… sigh
    jay-z! big pimpin!
    back that azz up
    tori amos
    the cure/depeche mode/Duran duran
    madonna, take a bow particularly
    boys II men

    GAH this is hard, i know i am forgetting SO MANY THINGS, but lots of ppl have already listed some great stuff i didn’t have to think about, at least!

  11. Sublime, What I Got
    Something by Shakira before she started singing in English. Ojos Asi
    Ricky Martin, Livin’ La Vida Loca
    Ani DeFranco, Untouchable Face

  12. Toad the Wet Sprocket’s “Walk on the Ocean” was my first real angsty song. Mostly because my suite-mates at college played it at top volume on repeat for two or three hours at a time. It became a song of hate and revenge.

  13. Okay, this list is RIDICULOUSLY long! Having spent my 90’s in high school and college, it’s quite a memorable time in music for me, and I already have a 90’s playlist I’ve been working on for months. It has some gaps, as I haven’t digitized all the CD’s sitting in dusty stacks. And, cassette tapes anyone?

    Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana)
    Hey Man, Nice Shot (Filter)
    Super Bon Bon (Soul Coughing)
    O Children (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds)
    Molly Sixteen Candles (Sponge)
    I Come from the Water (Toadies)
    Comedown (Bush)
    Tomorrow (Silverchair)
    Epic (Faith no More)
    Say It Ain’t So (Weezer)
    Backwater (Meat Puppets)
    Alive (Pearl Jam)
    You (Candlebox)
    Something In the Way (Nirvana)
    Pepper (Butthole Surfers)
    Karma Police (Radiohead)
    Cry Little Sister (Theme From The Lost Boys) (Gerard McCmann)
    Possum Kingdom (Toadies)
    The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson)
    Far Behind (Candlebox)
    What Would You Say (DMB)
    Plowed (Sponge)
    The Unforgiven (Metallica)
    Loser (Beck)
    Touch, Peel and Stand (Days of the New)
    Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver (Primus)
    Peaches (The Presidents of the United States of America)
    Color Me Once (violent Femmes)
    Everybody Knows (Concrete Blonde)
    Bitter Sweet Symphony (The Verve)
    All I Really Want (Alanis Morissette)
    Natural One (Folk Implosion)
    Gel (Collective Soul)
    The Man Who Sold the World (Live) (Nirvana)
    Destination (The Church)
    Warehouse (DMB)
    Wave Of Mutilation (The Pixies)
    Step On (Happy Mondays)
    In Bloom (Nirvana)
    Tom’s Diner (Suzanne Vega & D.N.A.)
    Tripping Billies (DMB)
    Closer (NIN)
    Send me on my Way (Rusted Root)
    I’m Free (Soup Dragons)
    Something In the Way (Nirvana)
    Mother Mother (Tracy Bonham)
    I’ve Got A Secret Miniature Camera (Peter Murphy)
    Dead Souls (NIN)
    Black Hole Sun (Soundgarden)
    Falling to Pieces (Faith No More)
    Begging You (Stone Roses)
    Don’t Drink the Water (DMB)
    Times Of Trouble (Temple of the Dog)
    Lounge Act (Nirvana)
    Down (311)
    You Oughta Know (Alanis Morissette)
    Lump (The Presidents of the United States of America)
    Insane In the Brain (Cypress Hill)
    Smooth Criminal (Alien Ant Farm)
    One Week (Barenaked Ladies)
    Cigarette (The Clarks)
    December (Collective Soul)
    Dreams (The Cranberries)
    Mary Jane (Alanis Morissette)
    How I Could Just Kill a Man (Cypress Hill)
    What It’s Like (Everlast)
    Stay Away (Nirvana)
    Two Step (DMB)
    Dennis And Lois (Happy Mondays)
    Immortality (Pearl Jam)
    Tripping Billies (DMB)
    Apple Juice Kissing (Deee-Lite)
    The World I Know (Collective Soul)
    Pacifics (Digable Planets)
    Stupify (Disturbed)
    Praise You (Fatboy Slim)
    Three Days (Jane’s Addiction)
    Hemorrhage In My Hands (Fuel)
    Cold Beverage (G. Love & Special Sauce)
    Number One Crush (Garbage)
    Rift (Phish)
    Trigger Hippie (Morcheeba)
    Guilty (Gravity Kills)
    Food & Creative Love (Rusted Root)
    Smashing Young Man (Collective Soul)
    Walk This World (Heather Nova)
    One Headlight (The Wallflowers)
    Baby’s Got Sauce (G. Love & Special Sauce)
    Obvious (Jane’s Addiction)
    Always On The Run (Lenny Kravitz)
    Carnival (Natalie Merchant)
    Hurt (NIN)
    Black (Pearl Jam)
    Jurassitol (Filter)
    Kinky Afro (Happy Mondays)
    Daughter (Pearl Jam)
    Numb (U2)
    Given to Fly (Pearl Jam)
    Fade Into You (Mazzy Star)
    Poison (Prodigy)
    Blister In The Sun (Violent Femmes)
    Down With Disease (Phish)
    Suck (NIN)
    Creep (Radiohead)
    You Don’t Know How It Feels (Tom Petty)
    People Of The Sun (Rage Against The Machine)
    Laugh as the Sun (Rusted Root)
    Dear God (Sarah McLachlan)
    Cornflake Girl (Tori Amos)
    Kiss Them For Me (Siouxsie & the Banshees)
    Time Bomb (Rancid)
    April 29, 1992 (Miami) (Sublime)
    Spoonman (Soundgarden)
    Tightrope (Stone Roses)
    dissident (Pearl Jam)
    Stink Fist (Tool)
    1979 (Smashing Pumpkins)
    Walkin’ on the Sun (Smash Mouth)
    Killing In The Name (Rage Against The Machine)
    What Do I Have to Do? (Stabbing Westward)
    Stars (Hum)
    Ruby Soho (Rancid)
    Low (Cracker)
    Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)
    All I Want Is You (U2)
    Cat Turned Blue (Rusted Root)
    Driving South (Stone Roses)
    Big Empty (Stone Temple Pilots)
    Garden Grove (Sublime)
    Wooden Jesus (Temple of the Dog)
    Sober (Tool)
    Come As You Are (Nirvana)
    American Music (Violent Femmes)
    One (U2)
    Better Man (Pearl Jam)
    Bulls On Parade (Rage Against The Machine)

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