Six Writers I Wish Were My BFFs

26 June 2014 by 9 Comments

If you claim that you’ve never read a book and had a little daydream in which you and the author become best friends forever, you sit on a throne of lies.  Here is my personal wish list of famous-writer BFFs (for the sake of levity, let’s all agree to overlook the minor detail that two of them are dead).

1. Neil Gaiman

Why I want to be his BFF: I’ve been to see him speak/read three times, and he is a delight.  He’s articulate, charming, hilarious, and seems like a genuinely nice guy – he’s stayed at signings until the wee hours of the morning to make sure every single person who came out to see him got to have their book signed.  He is very vocal about his support for public libraries and I have always admired him putting his weight behind that cause.  Also, having read Sandman and several of his novels, I’ve noticed that we have a lot of the same feels about a lot of the same things.  Also, we have a mutual obsession with Doctor Who.  Also, he’s married to Amanda Palmer and I won’t lie, I wouldn’t say no if she wanted to hang out with us and maybe play the ukulele for a minute.

Activities we could do together as BFFs: Drink tea, read comics, watch Doctor Who, go shopping for black clothes, practice apiculture, get a little drunk and make out contemplate love, death, and the nature of the universe

2. Sylvia Plath

Why I want to be her BFF: Her bravery in writing so honestly (and beautifully) about her feelings and her life is incredibly inspiring to me.  The Bell Jar was published as a novel but was based heavily on her own experience with mental illness, which still carries a significant stigma now, much less 50 years ago.  It takes serious guts to write something like that and put it out into the world.  In reading interviews with her, I see an intelligent, well-spoken, thoughtful woman, and I’d be honored to have a friend like that.

Things we could do together as BFFs: Go to poetry readings, complain about men, practice apiculture (yup, her too)

3. Joe Hill

Why I want to be his BFF:  He’s a nerd, and I love nerds.  He appreciates (and writes) good horror.  He’s such a big Doctor Who fan that he has a life-size replica of the TARDIS in his living room.  Also, he’s awesome at Twitter and I appreciate a man with a good Pinterest account.  Also, I wouldn’t mind chatting with his old man at the occasional backyard BBQ.

Things we could do together as BFFs: Cosplay, watch Doctor Who, read comics, send each other Pinterest pins

4. JK Rowling

Why I want to be her BFF: The reason’s probably clear to everyone, and that reason is that JK Rowling is awesome.  She’s smart, incredibly philanthropic, and a great role model.  Also imaginative.  Obviously.

Things we could do together as BFFs: Try Pinterest butterbeer recipes, giggle hysterically over weird Harry Potter fan fiction, get matching horcrux tattoos

5. Jack Kerouac

Why I want to be his BFF: The man clearly knew how to have a good time, and he had the heart and soul of a poet.  In reading his books as a young adult, I always found myself thinking, “This guy gets me.”  Added bonus: If you’ve ever seen a photo of him, you may have noticed that he fell out of the handsome tree and hit every branch on the way down.

Things we could do together as BFFs: Drugs, roadtrips, Buddhism

6. Chuck Palahniuk

Why I want to be his BFF: Uh, have you read any of his books?  If not, read one and tell me you don’t want to be friends with someone that interesting.  His most recent book tour was a series of “pajama party” events, and he throws out stuffed animals as prizes so people won’t be too shy to ask questions at the Q&As.  He sends handwritten thank-you notes and gift boxes to fans who write to him.  Seriously, the dude puts some crazy shiz into his novels, but he’s a sweetheart.  And judging by the photos I’ve seen of him with fans, he’s cuddly, too.

Things we could do together as BFFs: Snuggle, shop for toys for his next tour, not talk about Fight Club


What about you?  Any writers you feel like you could be besties with, if only they knew you were alive?


Meghan has noticed that many of her favorite things in life start with the letter B - books, blogging, bacon, bitching, and (craft) beer. She lives in Chicago where she indulges regularly in all of these things. Kurt Vonnegut and David Mitchell are her literary baes. Sometimes she tweets random thoughts as @socomeslove.

9 thoughts on “Six Writers I Wish Were My BFFs

  1. Yes yes everything about #1. On a lighter note, I was convinced Jen Lancaster could be my new best friend if only she’d meet me. I felt such a Chicago bond with her. I was broken hearted when we invited her to book club and she never responded. We could drink wine, eat to much and be general jackasses together. I mean its not hoping to make out with Neil Gaiman-but I’d take what I can get.

    • I am so torn on Jen Lancaster. On the one hand ,she’s so funny and we both love food. On the other.. she seems to be a fan of Ayn Rand and I don’t know if I could handle it if she started talking about Ayn Rand? *dilemma*

  2. Oh, I wish! My bookshelves are loaded with them, many dead sadly. Iris Murdoch and Angus Wilson – used to wait each year for the next book – then they died. William Trevor, Elizabeth Bowen and Olivia Manning. William Trevor is still alive – if he would like to get in touch! I used to live opposite Alan Bennett but moved away, no reflection on him. Vera Brittain and Winifred Holtby, can see myself hanging out with them and The Bloomsbury Group, my grandmother sometimes played the piano at their evening parties, so that is definitely a “might-have-been” and my great-aunt lived in the same block as Noel Coward, so I might have been in with a chance there too. And so many more…

  3. I loved this list, and there’s a few on there I’d at least like to have lunch with. I’d add Rainbow Rowell to the list. Her tweets make me gigglesnort.

  4. I think I would be too damn nervous to be BFFs with an author I love. What if we had a fight?! What if it turned out they were a shitty friend and I didn’t like them anymore and it ruined reading their books forever?! :\

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