Round-Up: That Time Halloween Invaded Your TV Show And It Was AWESOME!

23 October 2015 by 2 Comments


Some shows really know how to get into the holiday spirit à la Thanksgiving on Friends—yes, the TBS Marathon of Friends Thanksgiving episodes and A Christmas Story play in the background all day on Thanksgiving in my house. We haven’t gotten to the dead-bird-on-a-plate holiday yet, though; first we get to yell at people to smell our feet and give us candy. (I’m pretty sure that’s how it goes.) In the spirit of horror movie marathons and binging on Halloween candy—I swear there will still be enough left for the kids—I’ve rounded up some awesome, possibly spooktacular, Halloween episodes.


Jem: “Trick or Techrat”

Jem Halloween Episode

The Gist: Jem and the Holograms want to save an Opera house by putting together a benefit concert. The Misfits are jealous and want to ruin it (because they’re assholes).

The Best Part: The outfits! Current pop stars may have stolen the one-piece leotard look from one of the Misfits–this can neither be confirmed nor denied.

It’s So Halloweeny: Jem sings It’s Fun to be Scared teaching a terrified child (who super annoyingly hates Halloween) that, well, it’s fun to be scared—bound to end well.


Black-ish: “The Prank King”

Blackish Jackson Five Halloween Costume

The Gist: Andre, being Andre, does Halloween to the max and believes it should involve a pranking war amongst the family. Not everyone is on the same page.

The Best Part: The twins don’t fully understand the concept of pranking and pee in their parents bed as their prank—and it’s hilarious, as things are when it happens to someone else.

It’s So Halloweeny: I’m calling it here—best costumes!!!


Everybody Loves Raymond: “Halloween Candy”

Everybody Loves Raymond Halloween Candy Nemo

The Gist: Frank mistakenly hands out Ray’s condoms to trick-or-treaters thinking they’re candy. (Those treats are gonna taste terrible.)

The Best Part: Ray talking to his penis when Debra suggests he get a vasectomy. Snip-snip, little buddy.

It’s So Halloweeny: Nemo dressed as Carmen Miranda. (I think that’s the costume?)


Martin: “The Night He Came Home”

Martin Halloween episode Roscoe Dracula

The Gist: After hearing that the last tenant died in Martin’s apartment they decide to have a seance. (What could go wrong?)

The Best Part: So much funny: Martin’s scary story is Bush got reelected; All the one liners; In an argument over whether men ever get scared Martin claims “Only when you miss your period.”

It’s So Halloweeny: Martin as Roscoe as Dracula.


Bob’s Burgers: “Full Bars”

Bob's Burgers Full Bars Louise

The Gist: Bob and Linda go to a Halloween party while the kids deviate from the traditional trick-or-treat route which puts them in danger of older bullies.

The Best Part: The costumes! Tina is a mommy mummy and she’s single and she’s working two jobs and she’s just trying to get back out there.  AND the line “There’s a lot of carrots in that stew.”

It’s So Halloweeny: The special: The Jack-O-Lentil burger.


Parks and Recreations: “Greg Pikitis” 

 Parks and Recrations April Gay Halloween PartyParks and Recration April Halloween Party

The Gist: Of course Leslie’s nemesis is a teen who every Halloween vandalizes a statue–this year she’s going to catch him!

The Best Part: April introduces her boyfriend and her boyfriend’s boyfriend who tells Ann he’s dressed like a straight guy. Ron removes the almonds from the Almond Joys. Leslie is aggressively intense about catching Pikitis.

It’s So Halloweeny: Ann throws a costume party where all the doctors show up dressed as doctors.

*It should be noted that all the Halloween episodes should be on this list AND if there’s an award for beyond perfect costume  it goes to Leslie and Ben in season 6 for their The Princess Bride costumes.

Another show I couldn’t pick the best Halloween episode from was Buffy–as it should be considering the theme of the show.

 Buffy Willow Joan of Arc and Oz GodBuffy Halloween WIllow and Oz


And speaking of greatest Halloween specials, The Simpsons are always held as numero uno for Tree House of Horror episodes and while I love the show, and those episodes, for me that slot is held by only one show: Roseanne. To this day anytime anyone mentions a Halloween party my first thought is Roseanne dressed as the Statue of Liberty setting off the fire sprinklers.

Roseanne Halloween Statue of Liberty

And then my brain relives all her amazing Halloween episodes which somehow managed to always top themselves.

Roseanne Halloween Becky costume Roseanne Halloween costumes Roseanne Halloween Darlene Alien Roseanne Halloween prankRoseanne Halloween Jackie Head


And thanks to TiVo and Netflix I’ll be marathoning my favorite Halloween episodes all month… Now tell me yours?

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2 thoughts on “Round-Up: That Time Halloween Invaded Your TV Show And It Was AWESOME!

    • I usually find so many kids to be terrible actors or kind of annoying on shows (I’m clearly a terrible human being) but they’re all so good on Black-ish. AND I especially love when they let the little twin girl be a bit psycho-mean and the family acts scared of her.

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