Are you reading these comics? You should be reading these comics.

23 October 2015 by 5 Comments

hello, your friendly neighborhood comics nerd here to tell you that if you haven’t been reading the following comics, you are SERIOUSLY MISSING OUT.  i thought about doing a few spotlight articles, but i have SOOOO many recommendations that i just need to squee all over the place here.  don’t worry, i’ll wipe most of it up later.

these are comics that i’ve dived right into over the past year, and promptly become REALLY GODDAMN OBSESSED with.  i’m buying all of them in single issues (minus Sunstone, which doesn’t have single issues).  i’m trying to loan them to my non-comics-reading friends.  let me fill your arms full of suggestions, so that you may go forth, and READ, my friends, READ!!

i love this comic SO much

SUNSTONE, by Stjepan Sejic: i don’t even begin to know what to say except HOLY SHIT GO READ THIS RIGHT FUCKING NOW, DO NOT EVEN FINISH THIS ARTICLE FIRST.  it is the cutest fucking thing i have ever gotten my hands on.


it’s a love story about lesbian BDSM nerds and it’s beautifully drawn and it’s funny, and whyyyyyy aren’t you reading it yet?


i’m serious. there’s already 3 volumes printed out, for your instant gratification.  it’s even FREE over at Sejic’s DeviantArt, if you want to try before you buy (but BUY, the volumes are so pretty!!), just look for the chapters in the gallery folders.  some of the chapters are even free pdf downloads! just, if you read the chapters on DeviantArt, give him some slack for the English errors.  he IS from Croatia. and the print volumes have been edited, of course.


BITCH PLANET, by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro.  do you like stories about badass ladies?


well.  imagine if the world began sending all “problematic” women off-planet to a prison planet and then those women started fighting back…


the comics feature feminist essays in the back – i mean, really, really good essays.  there’s diverse characters.  even the “ads” on the back are amazing:


see, i told you.  you should be reading Bitch Planet.


and next thing you know you’ll be walking around wanting a Non-Compliant tattoo, not quite knowing what hit you.  (it’s… it’s DeConnick.  she hit ya.  and her Pretty Deadly and Captain Marvel books are ALSO really good!)


THE WICKED AND THE DIVINE, by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.  “Every ninety years, twelve gods incarnate as humans. They are loved. They are hated. In two years, they are dead.”


this comic is basically about if some teenagers became LITERAL gods, complete with powers – and it’s just as chaotic as if that really did happen. it’s broken my heart at least twice already – it’s dark and twisted, and the characters aren’t safe.



the art is fantastic.  they’ve got me waiting SO impatiently for every issue!


A VOICE IN THE DARK, by Larime Taylor.  so a serial killer goes to college and starts a radio program… no, really.  that’s the plot!


if you love this one, be prepared to wait a bit, because Taylor is a slower artist, and his wife has some medical issues going on right now, compounding the issue.  but the wait is worth it, for me!


you’re going to love Zoey’s internal conflict as she struggles to behave – her characterization is the best part of this comic.


but don’t let me downplay the art, it’s quite lovely – some is black and white, and some of the later issues are colored by Sylv Taylor.


SEX CRIMINALS, by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky.  it’s about two people who can stop time when they have sex… so they rob banks.


i have so many reasons for you to be reading Sex Crims that i don’t even know where to begin.  the single issues have mayyyybe the best letter sections of all time – the Brimpers alone took care of that, and the Porn Found In The Woods contingency just helped it along.


the story is amazing, and everything about the art is great, the comic breaks the fourth wall all the time for fun/effect, the two main characters (so far) are relatable and cute…

05-comics-that smash-patriarchy

but if you only read this comic for ONE REASON, that reason is to take a magnifying glass and read all of the little jokes in the background – PARTICULARLY in Cumworld.


Zdarsky has me actually crying laughing, when i go back and read all the background jokes i previously missed.  because the first time around, you’re paying attention to this:


i mean.  what else do you want in a comic, eh?


DEATH VIGIL, by Stjepan Sejic again – YES, i am obsessed with this man’s work.  the issue #3 cover pretty perfectly sums up the overall humor of the series.  it may have creepy evil Necronomicon-esque horrors all around, but that doesn’t mean that there won’t be jokes about it.


i love his style, i love the fact that he has Death Vigil on DeviantArt for free, before it even hits the stands… and i love his sense of humor.  LOVE.


i usually am not a huge fan of horror comics of the ugly tentacly monstery type.


but i love Death Vigil.


ODY-C, by Matt Fraction and Christian Ward.  it’s a genderflipped retelling of the Odyssey.  IN SPAAAACE.  Fraction has retained the original meter of the Odyssey – dactylic hexameter.  the form makes the prose kinda weird, but it a great way – it waffles between very conversational, and somewhat formal, and i like the juxtaposition.  i enjoy the epic-ness of it all – but frankly, that’s not why i’m reading ODY-C.  i’m reading ODY-C for Ward’s art.  i mean, look at this stuff!  it’s a psychedelic mindfuck!

this is Odyssia:


and this is Zeus!


it’s just gorgeous.


ODY-C is gorgeous.


i highly recommend it.  i mean, what’s the worst that can happen?!? and if you don’t read it, you won’t know how/why there’s a stud dude, running around with a disco-ball dick cover.  you can’t resist that.

now it’s your turn–what comics have you been super into lately?


when i'm not busy ruling Hell, i read all the things. if i'm not reading, i'm writing, collaging, painting, making music, learning how to be in the circus, and/or chasing my cats.

5 thoughts on “Are you reading these comics? You should be reading these comics.

  1. I don’t know what it is about comics. I have a really difficult time getting into them. I love the artwork, and I love the stories, but for some reason I just can’t keep myself reading them. I think the medium just appeals to too many parts of the brain and I can’t maintain focus.

    That said, these all look really amazing, and they make me wish I could read comics.

  2. i used to have a lot harder of a time reading comics – i tend to do two read-throughs, these days. one to catch all the words, and one to just soak in all the art!

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