Treebooks vs. Ebooks: Just Read.

3 November 2015 by 8 Comments

Because I’m srsly getting damned sick of seeing any kind of reading-media snobbery. Read however you want, just read. (Image by me; a credit if sharing would be the loveliest and I would be deeply appreciative.)

books vs ebooks


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8 thoughts on “Treebooks vs. Ebooks: Just Read.

  1. Well said. I used to be a tree book snob. Until I got an e-reader, and then I was all “You mean I can read this on the treadmill at the gym without losing my place ALL THE TIME, and I can carry literally 10K books with me where ever I go? SIGN ME UP!” I still buy tree books at an embarrassing rate. We had the house appraised, and I’m pretty sure the appraiser thinks the house is MADE of books. So I’m a both kind of girl. Now when people sneer at e-readers, I smile inside and think “You think you know. You don’t know.” I can’t be any more angry at them than I would be at a toddler who insists that blue is orange. They just don’t know better.

    • I DEFINITELY went through my “TREEBOOKS FOREVERRRR” stage, but I came around fairly quickly. I can say without reservation that my snobbery was unfair and ridiculous.

  2. While I prefer treebooks personally, I’ve toyed around with getting an ereader, but haven’t yet been able to convince myself it should be a priority. I have no judgment about how other people consume their content.

    I would add unabridged audiobooks to the conversation. Some people consider them “less than” reading. I find they often require greater concentration on staying present because flipping back and searching for some bit of earlier revealed info is more difficult.

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