Fall Premieres: The Good, The Eh, The Bad, & The Ugly (Oct. Edition)

I ended up going into October pretty light on new premieres added to my Season Pass from September–most got hacked during episode 2. And now there’s a new batch of premieres to watch while hoping they don’t suck and/or that they don’t get canceled if I like them.

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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

crazy ex-girlfriend CW show

The gist: Attorney about to make partner moves across country instead to be near a childhood crush she hasn’t seen in ten years.
Why I watched it: I don’t remember but I regret it.
The good: Super cute guy.
The eh: Sick of overbearing moms. No one told me there’d be out of place musical singing!
The bad: I didn’t even make it to 8 minutes before wanting to change the channel, by 33 minutes I was SO annoyed. Obvious “product placement.” Too many obnoxious characters.
The ugly: Native American “jokes.” Jewish “jokes.”
Recommended especially to: Um?…
Not recommended to: People who hate musicals.
Recording episode 2? Hell No! Sometimes really intense characters like Lorelai Gilmore really work and than sometimes, like Rebecca Bunch, they do not. Not even a little bit.
On the bookish scale: Big fat zero.


Truth Be Told

Truth Be Told NBC show

The gist: Two married couples are friends.
Why I watched it: “I’m so excited! I’m so scared!” And I really liked Franklin & Bash.
The good: The little girl was adorable! Good chemistry.
The eh: Nothing new, and not done well enough to make up for it.
The bad: Tries way too hard—it feels like they wanted so badly to talk about race and current issues but worked too hard trying to figure out how to do that that it felt super forced.
The ugly: It’s 2015 can we have a TV dad that doesn’t freak out over his daughter knowing she has a vagina?
Recommended especially to: Sitcom fans who are seeking a show talking about diversity. (Although I have to say Black-ish and Empire do a great job of what this show tried unsuccessfully to do.)
Not recommended to: Seekers of new, smart comedies.
Recording episode 2? Nope. I like what they were trying to do in theory but it didn’t work for me so A for effort C- for execution.
On the bookish scale: Babysitter returns to grab her library books—Greatest babysitter or greatest babysitter?



Fargo Season 2 Review

*Technically season 2 BUT not a continuation of season 1 so I’m counting it as new.
The gist: 1979 small Minnesota town has a violent incident.
Why I watched it: Really enjoyed season 1. (You don’t need to have seen it to watch this season.)
The good: Acting/Directing/Filming. Seriously, the diner scene I imagine is something that would be taught in film school.
The eh: The opening scene depicting a movie “starring” Ronald Reagan, “Massacre at Sioux Falls,” might throw some viewers off and leave them confused or not wanting to keep watching (keep watching).
The bad: The “deer” plot is soooooo not new.
The ugly: N/A
Recommended especially to: Fargo, Breaking Bad, Tarantino fans.
Not recommended to: Violence haters or people who say “this is too slow” in Independent films.
Recording episode 2? I am.
Hey, I Know You: Ron Swanson–where’s your mustache?! How I Met Your Dead Mother!…and almost everyone else in the show.
On the bookish scale: Butcher shop employee reading Albert Camus’ The Myth of Sisyphus.


Wicked City

Wicked City review

The gist: Serial killer.
Why I watched it: Sounded interesting.
The good: ’80s setting and started by playing Billy Idol’s Dancing with Myself.
The eh: Super high white socks.
The bad: This went 100% full into gratuitous territory in every way. There was nothing intelligent or interesting.
The ugly: To be a woman in this show you have to be putting out, being murdered, fawning over a man, advancing a male character’s story or asking a man how to do something. It’s 2015 and I shit you not.
Recommended especially to: Someone looking for a cheesy, violent, serial killer show.
Not recommended to: Anyone looking for a Law & Order type procedural or who likes women.
Recording episode 2? Throwing the remote at the TV for playing that garbage so let’s say, no.
Hey, I Know You: Elton from Clueless!


Supergirl review
The gist: While originally Kara had been sent to Earth to protect Kal-El her ship was lost for years. By the time she arrived Superman was already Superman and she now didn’t have a mission.
Why I watched it: People were shouting its praise from the rooftops.
The good: SO much: great casting; humor; LOVE Calista Flockhart’s Devil Wears Prada bossiness; the costume is awesome!
The eh: I hope this doesn’t go into annoying unrequited love territory like on The Flash.
The bad: Dammit glasses aren’t a disguise! (This is why I hated Superman when I was 6.)
The ugly: N/A
Recommended especially to: Anyone looking for a fun, kick-ass, smart show.
Not recommended to: Anyone who hates all things superheroes.
Recording episode 2? YUP! I loved this show.
Hey, I Know You: It’s Terrence King!…Not Another Teen Movie and one of the Supermen.
On the bookish scale: Many, many books in Supergirl’s apartment.


New Girl

What premieres did you watch? Like? Dislike? Loathe?

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