The Weekly Verse: Dance by Norm Bisson

19 November 2015 by 2 Comments
The Weekly Verse: One poem per week.


by Norm Bisson

Years of ballet as a child,
She walks on toes pointed out,
Soft as snow steps.

Costumes now hang
In a closet. Bright lights,
Boardrooms, no men
In tights. She’s learning
To set her heels,
Solid like ice.

Make-up still masks
The pain of a pirouette.

I first read this poem in high school, and it’s one I come back to when my life gets crazy. To me it’s a poem about how to endure change, how to become harder and stronger in the face of adversity — and also about how we are never really able to close ourselves off completely from our troubles.

Norm Bisson doesn’t seem to be a prolific writer, or even a published one. I can only find record of two other poems, posted on Dance appears to be a hidden gem, one I’m glad to share with a wider audience.

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Amy Peveto

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