Why the Fuck Aren’t You Reading I Hate Fairyland?!

19 April 2016 by 2 Comments

Why the Fuck Aren't You...

Why the Fuck Aren’t You…?! features the media we currently can’t get enough of.  We love it and want you to love it too (mostly so we have someone to discuss it with).  Here’s our elevator pitch on why the fuck you should pick this up.

“sj – what is best in life?”

  • Faeries and unicorns, elves and witches
  • Zombies
  • Creative swearing
  • Comics/Books/Movies that are bloody as fuck

/me looks at list and nods.

Yup, that’s about right.  If pressed to pick individual favourite things, I’m pretty sure this would be the definitive list of Things to Make sj Squee.

And squee, I did, within the first three godsdamned pages of Skottie Young’s I Hate Fairyland.

twinkle twinkle

Hear the lamentations of the starwives.

Imagine each of those bulletpoints up there is linked to an individual pleasure centre in my brain.  This shit lights them all up SIMULTANEOUSLY.  What the what?  “Fuck you, how is that even possible,” I can practically hear you asking.  Yes, fuck me.  Where the hell has this comic been all my life?

Parents/younger readers: You know how Emmy wished on the dragon scale, and that’s what started Dragon Tales? I Hate Fairyland has a similar origin.  Gertrude is a little girl who wishes to be whisked away to Fairyland, and her wish comes true.  When she lands (hard) in Fairyland, she quickly realizes she has no real interest in being there.  “NP,” says Queen Cloudia, “just find the key back to your world and you’re donezo, shouldn’t take more than a day.”

Twenty. Seven. Years. Later, Gert is still stuck in Fairyland, in the same body she wore the day she arrived.  She’s pushing forty now, and fluffing HATES that she’s still on this motherfluffing quest.

ihf gert

Anything more than I’ve already told you would be super spoilery, so I’mma tell you to head over to Image and pick up the first trade of I Hate Fairyland (out tomorrow, April 21, at a non-bank breaking price!) because you should be fucking reading this shit.  Why the fuck aren’t you, already?


sj (never SJ) hates everything. Except books and music. Sometimes she hates those too. Ask her about drinkalongs.

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