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When I knew we were doing an issue devoted to women and a giveaway to go with it, there was someone I knew I wanted to reach out to: Rosalie from Shade Mountain Press. Their tagline is “a mob of scribbling women” and their latest title, Not A Self-Help Book: The Misadventures of Marty Wu, looked really good. (It is good. I’ve read it since then. Think a millennial Bridget Jones in NYC and Taiwan.)

I shamelessly asked Rosalie if she had a copy of Not A Self-Help Book so I could share it with you guys and she went one step further: she offered me a copy of ALL of the books that Shade Mountain Press has published so far.

My reaction to this email and her amazing generosity was basically:

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Rosalie, you have slain me with your excellence.

“But Susie,” you might be saying if you clicked through to their website a bit ago. (Y’all click stuff, right? Right.) “You said this giveaway is four books and Shade Mountain Press has published five.” Yes! They have! Not A Self-Help Book will be going out with a different prize package later this month. THIS giveaway package is totally sponsored by Shade Mountain Press and includes their first four titles.


Shade Mountain Press Giveaway

You might also have noticed that this is an INSTAGRAM giveaway. You might be asking yourself, “wtf does that mean and when did you even join Instagram?” Good questions, good questions. We joined Instagram in April; now that we’ve posted a few photos and we’re basically done getting cozy on the platform, we’re running our giveaways on Instagram as our official account launch!

Yes, this means you need to sign up for Instagram to win. You don’t, however, have to have a smartphone just to sign up. Everything you need to do to enter can be done via PC. There will be at *least* two more giveaways this month and they will also be on Instagram.

This giveaway includes the first four titles published by Shade Mountain Press: Egg Heaven by Robin Parks, Her Own Vietnam by Lynn Kanter, White Light by Vanessa Garcia, and The Female Complaint: Tales of Unruly Women edited by Rosalie Morales Kearns. To find out more about these titles, go to the Shade Mountain Press website here.

How To Enter The Giveaway

Step one:

Follow us on Instagram here. We are @insatiablebooksluts on IG.

If you don’t have an Instagram account and you would like to enter this giveaway, you can sign up through Instagram’s website or via the smartphone app.

Step two:

Go to the post here with the image of the prize package (it matches the one above!).

Step three:

Comment **on that Instagram post** and tell us your all-time favorite book written by a woman. Or one of them, if you can’t narrow it down to just one.

Commenting on our website will not enter you to win. Only on the Instagram post.

If you did all three steps correctly, you are now entered into the giveaway. Yay!

If you are not sure if you did all the steps correctly, you can ask any questions you need by contacting us.

Extra Credit

Our giveaways almost always include extra credit opportunities for more chances to win.

To earn ONE extra chance to win, post a photo of a book by a woman that you own/have/are reading on Instagram and tag us @insatiablebooksluts.

To earn a SECOND extra chance, use a re-posting app (or download the pic and post it) on Instagram, tell your followers about the giveaway, and tag us @insatiablebooksluts.

If you don’t tag us, we won’t know you did it so you won’t get your extra chance to win. To get extra credit for THIS giveaway, these need to be posted before the giveaway ends on May 7.

(Yes, I know some of you can’t post on Instagram. I’m sorry. The giveaways were conceived to launch our Instagram account so . . . it’s kind of centered around that platform. But anybody with internet access can enter by signing up, whether or not you have a phone.)

Other Things To Know

The giveaway ends at 11:59pm Eastern time on 7 May 2016.

You won’t get extra credit by sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or any other social media site for this particular giveaway. I know we’ve done that in this past, but this month, it’s all about Instagram.

If you’re trying to earn extra credit and your account is private, we won’t be able to see it. I’m sorry. We don’t want you to compromise your safety. There will be other giveaways with other extra credit that you can do.

This one is USA only because shipping is $$$.

The winner will be randomly chosen and posted to Instagram on May 8.



Susie is the Bitch-in-Chief at IB and is also a contributor at Book Riot. She's an ice cream connoisseur, an art fanatic, a cat-mommy of three, and a wife. She runs the @thebooksluts Twitter account and may be slightly addicted.

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