Why the Fuck Aren’t You Reading Locke & Key?!

20 June 2016 by 9 Comments
Why the Fuck Aren't You... Why the Fuck Aren't You...?! features the media we currently can't get enough of.  We love it and want you to love it too (mostly so we have someone to discuss it with).  Here's our elevator pitch on why the fuck you should pick this up.

Locke & Key is a comic series by written by Joe Hill (yes, he of Heart-Shaped Box and 20th Century Ghosts) and illustrated by Gabriel Rodriguez.

It’s so bomb, you guys. It’s bloody, it’s smart, it’s scary, it’s tragic, and it’s written and illustrated brilliantly. It’s got action, horror, romance, humor… you know how sometimes when you’re drunk you stop for a burrito to snarf down before you go to bed and it tastes so good? Locke & Key is that burrito, only it’s full of comic awesomeness.

Without being too spoiler-y, the main story is the Locke family (Mom, teenagers Ty and Kinsey, and little Bode) going to live in Dad’s big old childhood home, Keyhouse, after Dad is murdered in a horrifying home invasion. Everyone is afraid and scarred and unsure how to heal their heartbreak and put their lives back together. Fortunately for them, Keyhouse has a lot going on to distract them.

The house is full of (mostly hidden) keys that unlock incredible things. One key lets you open the Ghost Door, which you pass through and fucking die and then you get to fly around as a ghost for a while until you want to go back. Another lets you change genders. Another lets you literally open the top of your head and put stuff in and take stuff out (memories and such).

The inside of Bode’s head. I want to go to there.

And then there’s the Anywhere Key.

Guess what that does.

There’s a great villain named Dodge running around trying to find all the keys and leaving pain and panic in his wake. Once he gets his hands on a key, hold on to your butts.

I don’t want to spoil too much by saying anymore. Just trust me when I say that Locke & Key is brilliant and a total blast and you should read it if you like fun things.


Meghan has noticed that many of her favorite things in life start with the letter B - books, blogging, bacon, bitching, and (craft) beer. She lives in Chicago where she indulges regularly in all of these things. Kurt Vonnegut and David Mitchell are her literary baes. Sometimes she tweets random thoughts as @socomeslove.

9 thoughts on “Why the Fuck Aren’t You Reading Locke & Key?!

  1. You know what’s funny/tragic? I’ve had these on my TBR (and actually OWN the first few trades) for YEAAAAAAAAAAARS and I just keep putting it off for no good reason. I think I might fix that this week.

  2. I really appreciate how y’all can compare something to a burrito and have that be a GOOD thing.

    (Oh gosh, this comment makes me sound like a burrito-hater…UNTRUE, I SWEAR)

    • Maybe comic books are kind of the burritos of literature; they’re easily consumable and he best ones are sold in specialty stores.

      (Burrito-haters are welcome, but why would you hate a burrito?)

  3. I read a couple of the trades before things got crazy with moving and I haven’t been to the library yet to get the rest. It’s so good though! I love the characters and the art and the utter weirdness.

    • Okay, so I also finished reading the series…uh…yesterday. I literally can’t. So good. I love that you can get so sucked into the world that you feel like you’re there.

  4. Loooved this series! I binge-read the whole thing last year when I was still not entirely sold on comics as being a medium that I could get into, but damn did I get into this.

  5. I love this series. Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriquez knocked it out of the park.

    By the way, Joe and Gabe are releasing a one-shot Locke & Key comic called “Small World.” It will be a standalone telling a Keyhouse story from the past. Slated for release late this year.

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