Why The Fuck Aren’t You Watching The Path?!

29 June 2016 by 5 Comments
Why the Fuck Aren't You... Why the Fuck Aren't You...?! features the media we currently can't get enough of.  We love it and want you to love it too (mostly so we have someone to discuss it with).  Here's our elevator pitch on why the fuck you should pick this up.

the path 3

I watched The Path COMPLETELY by accident. I had been watching Gotham, and Hulu decided to queue up The Path for me when I finished the episode. I didn’t have anything else to watch and I wanted to do some work on my laptop, so I tuned it out and let it play.

Or, I tried to tune it out.

The opening scene starts with a . . . a wreck? A slum? a tornado disaster site. There are a lot of bloody, desperate-looking people who need water and they’re in what looks like a garbage dump. There is an overturned bus. A blonde woman takes a big-ass swig of windshield-wiper fluid. Some people in blue t-shirts arrive to help.

Then? Suburbia. Prayer. But not Christian prayer. It’s full of buzzwords–they talk about “The Ladder” and “The Light.” These are Meyerists: the blue t-shirt people, a happy, happy cult . . . but of course, of course, from the beginning there is trouble in paradise. A mysterious phone call. A possibly cheating husband. It sounds pretty mundane at first–like your run of the mill religious-y sin type stuff–but The Path doesn’t take it in directions that you expect it to go.

the path 1

Looks happy. NOT THAT HAPPY THO.

Like: the sect leader? He has no problems beating the ever-loving shit out of a guy for a girl he has a hard-on over and this seems to be totally not-against their movement. Piety in this cult isn’t particularly other-cheek-turning. Or virginal.

Like: the cheating husband? Cheating is the LEAST of his problems with his wife if she finds out what he’s been up to.

We see the cult partially through the eyes of Mary, who was rescued from the slum-crash. She teeters on whether she wants to belong or not–on the one hand, this cult doesn’t seem so… judgmental. It seems.. almost grounded compared to other religions, other cults. And there’s Cal, the charismatic leader that Mary’s already half in love with. A man who seems to understand her. A man who is almost an angel to her.

the path 2

Mary is all ::::heart eyes:::: for Cal.

But under all that is a whole fucking bunch of sinister motivations and machinations, lies on top of lies on top of secrets. Almost everyone is lying, and some people know the other people are lying and are pulling some slick shit to try to catch them in their lies. Meanwhile, shit is also going down in Peru, where their leader is holed up writing the last of their spiritual texts. There might have been some murders, we don’t know. People are dead. The FBI is investigating but also maybe looking to join the cult, it’s hard to tell. It’s bananas and I’m riveted to The Path to find out what happens next. Every episode makes me want the next episode immediately.

Because The Path is a Hulu original and not network, there’s cursing and sex and occasional nudity, all of which are A+ for me. It also means it’s streaming RIGHT NOW, so you can go watch it. So, why the fuck aren’t you watching The Path already?


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