sj’s Husband Broke the SHIT Out Of His Arm. Can You Help?

17 November 2016 by 1 Comment

I’m posting this to y’all because we’ve all been together for awhile now, and I already know you have the power to move mountains. We love you and will keep loving you no matter where you’re at right now or what you’re able to do to help.


You might know sj from all the awesome shit she posts on this site. She’s been part of our crew for a long time and we love her to pieces.

She and I have also been IRL friends (ikr, I am the luckiest person) since she moved to a place within a short driving distance away from me. I have gotten to know her family and they are a fucking delight. Her kids are bright, funny, and adorable; her husband works super hard and is really nice. They are a great family.

Which makes what happened totally suck even more.


It was a regular day. Jeff was getting ready for work and going down the few steps between the kitchen and the living room when he lost his footing. He landed just in such a way that his arm BROKE, y’all. Not a fracture but straight up broken. The doctor was like “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaamn.” He’s actually the one who told Jeff that he “broke the shit” out of his arm. It was bad.

Jeff can’t work while his arm is broken. We have already been rallying around them because they’re fucking awesome and wanted Jeff to be able to heal without having to worry about money; Jeff and sj don’t ask for help often and are hospitable and generous whenever they have the chance. Many of us were happy to help and we thought we had them covered until Jeff could return to work.

Then, we got a really unfortunate update: a follow-up appointment revealed that the bone isn’t fusing as well as it should be by now; as a result, Jeff won’t be going back to work until after Christmas. Meanwhile, our state has no temporary disability benefits to be had.

That’s rough. It’s so rough. Jeff is the primary wage-earner for the family and . . . Thanksgiving and Christmas are already shitty times not to be working, but it’s also getting cold in Ohio. We want to keep them sheltered and warm and fed until he can go back to work.

It’s been a shitty past several days. Many of us are emotionally wrecked and worried for the future. I hate to be asking for help during this nightmare, but there’s no way to put it off. If you can spare even a few dollars, or share this with friends, it would be amazing for sj and Jeff. You can visit their crowdfunding page here.

Thanks for reading, booksluttians. May we all get through the days to come–hopefully still with books and liquor, cos I dunno about you, but I’m going to need lots of both.




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