About the Booksluts

A brief history of the Insatiable Booksluts

I (Susie) met my friend Rob in the year 2000 in a chatroom dedicated to hoity-toity snobby booklust.  Being two of the only sane people in the room, we became friends almost immediately.  Even though the chatroom imploded due to internet drama, we remained friends and started a moderately successful online book club in March of 2007. Wanting to share the same experience with even more book lovers, I decided to start a new venture: this very blog. Rob mostly stays in the background, giving ideas and support.

In 2012, nearly a year after our inception, IB won the first (and so far, only? I think?) Independent Book Blogger Award for adult fiction. It is a real award given by the people at Goodreads and the Association of American Publishers; I have the glass, uh, award thingy to prove it.

After awhile, we invited some people to come write with us and it was pretty magical.

That is how our little corner of the internet came to be. We hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as we enjoy reading for and writing it.

About Us

We don’t just write about books here, although we write a lot about books here. We also write about film, TV, culture, and other types of entertainment.

We try to be inclusive as fuck around here: we’re big on women’s rights, PoC rights (Black lives certainly do matter), disability rights, trans rights, gay rights. If you are marginalized, we’re in your corner and we believe in your right to live however makes you happiest* without someone else telling you that you can’t or shouldn’t do that.

*I mean. As long as it doesn’t infringe on others’ rights to be well and happy. I shouldn’t have to clarify that but you know if I don’t some asshat will be all “but what if I am happiest doing [insert abusive thing to marginalized people here]” and then I would have a migraine.

We swear a lot. A lot of women write for this site and we’ll all be goddamned if we’ll let anybody tell us to stop in the name of being “ladylike.”

We don’t really make anything off of this site, ads notwithstanding. (I think our highest-grossing ad month was like . . . $10.) I (Susie) designed the website from scratch and we all volunteer our writing time (for the moment). It is my great hope that, someday, I’ll be able to take everyone out for dollar menu burgers on the site’s dime.


Susie, Bitch-in-Chief/Executive Editor. I wear a lot of hats and none of them is particularly stylish.

sj, Managing Editor. sj keeps shit running around here because I am not that good at doing all the things.

Laura, Super Important Editor. We have some things in the works that Laura will formally be in charge of in the future, but right now, she’s still doing Super Important Things. She also runs the Weekend Listening column.

Meghan, Contributing Editor. Meghan is taking over a weekly poetry column that she will make badass.

Best Contributors Ever. I love all of our writers. Their hard work helps keep this site going, but more than that, they’ve basically become family to me. (sniffle) Click their names to read more about them.

Our current writing staff: Tony, Samantha, Satan (Mel), Alex, Kate, Bridget, Kelsey, Heather, Christine, Jamie, Jericha, Jessica, Amy, Karalea, and Sarah. Sometimes Ryan.