Advertising and Affiliate Links

Dear lovely readers and book-lovers,

You might be noticing that ads have started to appear in the sidebar. Some of you are probably happy for us, and others of you might be feeling a little wtf about it. I dig transparency, so I wanted to write a quick note about them.

I decided to put in ads because we’re starting to grow to a point that I would love to see if I can compensate my writers. And we’re starting to grow to a point that I feel I could be investing more in the site, and if we can make a little bit of money, I might be able to attract even more content that you’ll love (provided that it matches the current level of content that our amazing writers are already putting out).

This site also uses affiliate links. An affiliate link is a link to a site such as Amazon or Powell’s Books where we may, at no extra cost to you, receive advertising fees for recommending a product to you. We only link products that we really like because we know it’s not smart to spam people with crap just to get them to buy stuff. You hate that; we hate that; so we don’t do it. We respect you and ourselves too much.

We don’t really make a lot off of affiliate links or off of ads. Should we start making income off of these or other avenues, my wish is for it to go to our writers. I have, in the past when we made a bit more, distributed the income to contributors.

The money from items on Zazzle, Skreened, or other shops go to the designers of the product.

We may, in the future, accept sponsorship for posts. We will never, however, write “paid content”. All views expressed are 100% our own, all the time. All products recommended will be ones that we personally want to recommend. Any future sponsorship will be clearly marked.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please always feel free to contact us.

Your Faithful Bookslut,