Susie is the Bitch-in-Chief at IB and is also a contributor at Book Riot. She's an ice cream connoisseur, an art fanatic, a cat-mommy of three, and a wife. She runs the @thebooksluts Twitter account and may be slightly addicted.

Letter From The Editor: We’re back, baby.

Aw yissss. I wrote a little in this post about why Insatiable Booksluts both stopped updating and will start updating again. Now we’re launching our first new issue–our first “issue” […]

And now, a thank you from Satan.

Remember last week when I was scrambling around like a crazy person trying to raise money for one of our booksluts? She (voluntarily, I told her I could preserve her […]


We sold out of pendants SO FAST you guys. I’ve been really busy getting them all together and I have them all either shipped out or on their way to […]

Gone Reading Giveaway Winner

YOU GUYS. I PICKED A WINNER IN A TIMELY MANNER YOU GUYS. Well, rather, picked a winner. I just input the parameters. And counted. And verified. I did the […]

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