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INSTAGRAM GIVEAWAY: Four Books From Shade Mountain Press!

This giveaway includes the first four titles published by Shade Mountain Press.

Who could the winner be?

Last week, we had a contest to win a $50 gift card from an online book retailer. The contest ended July 4; due to a series of unexpected events, I […]

Try Slice Bookshelf and you could win CASH MONEYS.

*Okay, so, not quite that much money. In reality, it’s a $50 gift card to a book retailer. **Probably you should not make it rain with the books you get, […]

Somebody won a PRIZE! Click to find out if it was you! Also, I hate my computer to death.

So, my laptop took a dump last week–specifically, my hard drive took a dump last week. My laptop was inoperable for days; I ended up opening it up (because I’m […]

Giveaway! Win a paper copy of Action, Figure by Frank Hinton.

about the book (from the publisher’s website): In a war-torn wasteland someone wakes wounded and blind to a life they don’t remember or understand. Halfway across the world a woman […]

Giveaway update: don’t miss exclusive content, triple your chances to win!

So! We’re winding down the blog tour today. It’s been a fun week of celebrating poetry, and Amy’s poetry in general! If you missed any posts, all of them are […]

Out of True Blog Tour: Blog tour schedule and GIVEAWAYS!

ZOMG YOU GUYS! (How was my Amy impression there? Pretty good, eh?) This week is a very special week at IB. This week, we are hosting and promoting a blog […]

Marginalia Giveaway WINNER!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a WINNER for our highly-coveted, scribbled-in books. Since I forgot to actually set a deadline, I announced on Twitter the other day (and updated the […]

EXCITING NEWS! + Our last anniversary giveaway.

You guys. YOU GUYS. I have the best news. You all know Amy, right? Y’know, Amy–she writes lovely reviews for us and invented the DEATH MATCH (which we will bring […]


So. I finally drew the winners. But before I announce the winners, I have some sad news. The Statue of Liberty magnet from prize package #4 has been decapitated. I […]

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