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I Couldn’t Put Down The Hospital Always Wins by Issa Ibrahim

The Hospital Always Wins might actually end up being my best read of the year.

Weekend Listening: The Coasters’ Greatest Hits by The Coasters

Fun, and absolutely aware of it, the music from this group of five men taps into a playfulness that transcends age.

Weekend Listening: Veckatimest by Grizzly Bear

Veckatimest manages to feel undone and wandering, and in the gap between perfection and laxity comes this gorgeous record.

Alaska Gets Real In Nothing but the Dead and Dying

I read all of Nothing but the Dead and Dying in one huge gulp.

Weekend Listening: New Jams

This week I want to bring some new loves to you that I’m just getting into, not fully married to just yet, but engaged with, if you will.

A Murder in Time Had Me Checking My Watch

I am always very hesitant to use the term Mary Sue – it’s so gendered, so often used to attack female characters for traits admired in male ones.

Weekend Listening: “Turn On the Bright Lights” by Interpol

Restraint, if you can swing it, is a beautiful thing.

Weekend Listening: “Hi De Ank Tum” by Nita, Rita, and Ruby

Clearly in the lovestruck early stages of an infatuation, our lovely ladies are just beaming out with the most pure, most virginal love comprised of some amalgamation of sunshine, smiles, rainbows, and dreams that would rival any neon train wreck from the mind of beloved Lisa Frank.

The Danish Girl is a Beautiful, Important Film

I wish this hadn’t been Leo’s year to win the Best Actor Oscar, because Eddie Redmayne is so heartbreakingly good in this movie, I can’t handle it.

Weekend Listening: So Jealous by Tegan and Sara

Here we get to be as loud as we want, scream out the shittiness of not loving someone anymore, of becoming boring in someone else’s heart.

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