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Off The Shelf: Holy Skirts by Renee Steinke

There’s something particularly marvelous in reading a book about an actual time and an actual art movement in which the female figures come naturally to the fore.

Weekend Listening: I Love You, Honeybear by Father John Misty

Sweeping violin, round, slow drums, little threads of plinky piano pile up on top of one another…

The Honest-to-Goodness True Life Review of Wonder Woman: Earth One

You don’t prioritize the male gaze in what’s supposed to be a feminist book. This shouldn’t even need to be said.

A Safe Girl to Love Sent Me Searching for a Safe Place

Plett creates a community of characters that is familiar but not codependent.

Weekend Listening: Automatic For The People by R.E.M.

I have not tired of Automatic for the People in twenty-four years.

Weekend Listening: Garbage, self-titled

Inside each track I can live in the little world they make with those drum loops, samples, white noise guitar, and that voice.

Why the Fuck Aren’t You Reading I Hate Fairyland?!

You know how Emmy wished on the dragon scale, and that’s what started Dragon Tales?

Weekend Listening: No Fences by Garth Brooks

I love Garth Brooks. Blame it all on my roots, y’all.

Committed to the Force: The Pre-Game

Consider me, then, officially, publicly out as a Star Wars virgin.

Weekend Listening DEATH MATCH: Technique vs. Power, Corruption & Lies

With a score of 13 against a score of 10, the winner of this DEATH MATCH is . . . .

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