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LA Gets Even Weirder in City of Devils

Recommended if you like: Detective stories; science-fiction packed to the gills with monsters and mayhem.

Weekend Listening: Very Necessary by Salt-N-Pepa

In Very Necessary, Salt-N-Pepa gave zero fucks about the place they were “supposed” to occupy as women or what is “proper” lady behavior.

Me and Earl and Blah and Blah

You can tell a man’s story without it hinging upon the patronization of a woman’s story.

You Should Read This: Sidewalk Dancing by Letitia Moffitt

Sidewalk Dancing is a wonderful glimpse into a life that is both refreshingly different and utterly familiar. Rating: 4.75/5 expensive bottles of perfume

Goodnight Mommy Is A Brilliant, Shocking Movie

Goodnight Mommy is exquisitely written and directed, and the tension, violence, and creep factor are firmly and confidently controlled for every single moment.

Fall Premieres: The Good, The Eh, The Bad, & The Ugly (Sept. Edition)

The Good, The Eh, The Bad and The Ugly for September’s Fall 2015 Premieres.

Read A Classic: The Crying of Lot 49

The Crying of Lot 49 did just about everything before it was cool. Rating: 4.9/5 improbable conspiracies involving the postal system

The Castaway Lounge Is Gritty, Gory, and Good

The Castaway Lounge features a town full of “the desperate and the damned,” each trying to eke out an existence in a town that died long ago. Rating: 4/5 titty bar fires

The Not Spoopy, Actually Amazingly Spooky, Cat People

If you’re looking for a Halloween movie that’s more than just a laughable, gore-filled mess, take a chance on Cat People.

Transmetropolitan: The Comic For People Who Hate Comics

Spider Jerusalem in Transmetropolitan is a journalist who seeks to tell the truth in a world of media manipulation.

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