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Cameo Girl Pendants Are Now Available Again

You can totally get one of these.

sj’s Husband Broke the SHIT Out Of His Arm. Can You Help?

We want to keep them sheltered and warm and fed until he can go back to work.

You know what? We’re fucking coming back. And we want entertainment writers.

It’s on. Last year, the site went dark and I didn’t make an announcement. I didn’t make an announcement because the last time I got too tired to keep up […]

And now, a thank you from Satan.

Remember last week when I was scrambling around like a crazy person trying to raise money for one of our booksluts? She (voluntarily, I told her I could preserve her […]


We sold out of pendants SO FAST you guys. I’ve been really busy getting them all together and I have them all either shipped out or on their way to […]

Hey guys, one of the booksluts needs our help!

UPDATE: you guys are the best! We’ve basically sold out, so I’m removing the buttons… If you still want one even though the fundraising is over, leave a comment; if […]

Gone Reading Giveaway Winner

YOU GUYS. I PICKED A WINNER IN A TIMELY MANNER YOU GUYS. Well, rather, picked a winner. I just input the parameters. And counted. And verified. I did the […]

Giveaway: $50 Gift Card to Gone Reading

First, boring things: I am going to be taking a little break from writing some of our regular features, like the Reading Report and Weekend Listening. Just a short vacation, […]

Now Taking Pre-Orders For the Reading Girl Cameo Pendant!

Yesterday, I got something exciting in the mail: You may recognize that design from this t-shirt that we recently added to the Insatiable Booksluts shop over at Skreened. When I […]

Insatiable Booksluts NYC Adventures: Wednesday

(Read about Sunday and Monday and Tuesday if you want. Also, there’s video from the events up at BEA’s livestream site. The author breakfasts are under a separate tab, which […]

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