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Your faithful booksluts have been receiving some questions somewhat frequently, so I thought perhaps it was time to start a page for frequently-asked questions.

Before reading through the FAQ, the main thing to realize is that at the core of most of the answers to these questions is the fact that we don’t intend to pimp out our blog.  Our main goal is to create quality content by blogging about things we genuinely want to blog about.  Everything else has to take a backseat to that.  Being writers and readers both, it would be a bit of an effrontery to our own sensibilities if we put out less than our genuine best.

Do you accept guest reviews/review contributions?

Yes! Go here.

In the future, when you are looking for new booksluts and guest booksluts, how would I go about becoming one of said booksluts?

If and when we’re looking for new contributors, we’ll probably be looking right here on this blog for people who visit often, or at blogs that we frequent.  If you really dig IB and you might someday want to contribute, the best thing to do would be to participate here and interact with us on a regular basis (by commenting or on Twitter would be your best bet).  If you don’t have a blog we can look at, you may want to write up some sample book reviews and posts and have them waiting in the wings, so we can see if your style jibes with ours (but don’t force it–just be your natural self when writing, or it will sound . . . well, forced).  If we don’t choose you, it will probably just be because our styles don’t mesh well, so please, do not take it personally.  I wouldn’t eat beef on chocolate ice cream, but that doesn’t mean they’re not damn good if you eat them separately.

Do you accept books for review?

Read our review policy here, my lovelies.

If you don’t like my book/product and don’t review it, will you send it back?

Nope.  If you send us something to review, it’s ours.

Why are so many of your reviews positive? Are they honest or are you just afraid of writing negative reviews?

I encourage all of our writers to write honest reviews, as do I. (You can see some where I’ve panned books, but you’re right, they’re rare.) The reason I think most of our reviews skew positive is that we choose the books we want to read. We never feel an obligation to consider review copies that are randomly sent or proposed to us. Picking out books that already look good probably results in a higher instance of actually liking the books.

Will your participate in my blog tour?

I decided some time ago that blog tours just aren’t what my readers want to see. You can check out this post for more details. Instead of a blog tour, I recommend that the author submit a guest post about something other than their book–but, if accepted, I will not guarantee that it will go up during the time of the book tour, nor will I use any book tour marketing materials (logos, links, etc). The post, if accepted, should not be marketed as part of the book tour.

Will you pimp out my (book/website/project) on your site?

I’d rather not be approached about this unless it’s something extraordinary, like a charity thing.  I only intend to share things with my readers that I genuinely enjoy or think is worthwhile.  I never want people to come here and feel like they are reading an advertisement, or wonder if we’re being compensated to promote something.

That having been said . . .

What’s the deal with ads on this blog?

You can see my ad manifesto here.

Can I buy ads on your blog site?

Our ads come through the Riot New Media network. Please click here if you’re interested in advertising with us/them.

Do you get money from affiliate links?

Theoretically. (Haven’t gotten a paycheck as of this update, but we’ll see.) You can check out our policy on that here.

Will you host a giveaway with my product?

Maybe.  We do giveaways, although, frankly, we don’t want to be come a “giveaway” blog–I’d sooner use my own money to get something my readers will value than to give away free stuff just to attract a ton of people who are just looking for free stuff.  If you want us to host a giveaway for your product, we will need to sample the product to make sure we like it. If it’s a book, we may want to read it first.

Will you trade links with me/add me to your blogroll?

Maybe? If you have to ask, probably not. If we come to know your work during the course of interacting with you, you won’t need to ask, we’ll just do it.

Did you copy Bookslut when you were making up your name?

I had no idea Bookslut was even a thing until it was too late to redesign the site and move it.  For now, we’re gonna stick to our name unless there is some legal issue.  (And yeah, I know (now), they’ve been around for like eight years. I’d still never heard of it, nor had my voraciously-reading fellow bookslut. Sorry, Bookslut. It was truly unintentional.)

New FAQs as things come up.  If you have any additional questions, you may leave them in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Good gravy, ya’ll are moving right along with this venture! I’ll have to get my arse in gear & catch-up. Meanwhile, congrats on this & I look forward to future booksluts’ comments. Love the name, BTW.

  2. I see that you dont want books sending to be reviewed. Would you be interested in checking out a link leading to books which you may or not review depending upon your mood?
    [link redacted]
    If you fancy any of them just ask.

    This is actually a great example of how not to contact us about reviewing books. Please do not leave your links all over our comments. When we open up our submissions, we will have instructions for submitting your book, et cetera. –GGG

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