Review and Media Policy

We only accept invitations to review books from publishers. We prefer strongly to work with small and independent publishers (not vanity publishers). I am a Google ninja so please believe that I will find out if you send me a book under a fake publisher name.

Publishers, if you would like to request a review for one of your books, please email us the necessary details at bookreviews/at/insatiablebooksluts.com . We cannot promise a specific date on our editorial calendar. You may request a particular individual to review if you’d like, but please be aware that that individual may not be available.

If we accept or ask for a book to review, we may choose not to review a book if we truly did not like it. We may also choose to write an honest review of a book that we really did not like. Please know that if you send us a work for review, we are not bound to write a review, nor will we write a favorable review of a work we did not like under any circumstances. Our main concern is giving our readers genuine content. Book swag must take a backseat–after all, they still have more free books at the library than you can shake a stick at.

Please also know that our social media is strictly reserved for promoting things that we just like. We probably will not RT or share your link (especially if you’re sending us a “hey, my book is FREE TODAY on Amazon!!” link, unless you’re a badass like Neil Gaiman). We can only be effective at getting the word out about good work if we use our social media responsibly, and that means that we only share things that we find have value, and not things that we’re being asked or paid to promote.

Advertising and Affiliate Link Policy

We support our site with ads from Riot New Media and with use of affiliate links. You can read more about where the money goes here.

Comment Policy

We here at IB want everyone to have a great time.  We want to you participate, tell us your thoughts–even if you disagree with ours–give us insight, correct us if we’re wrong (if you can do that without being a snot), and have excellent discourse.  By commenting on this blog, you agree to the terms of our entire comment policy, past, present, or future, because this is our space and we will rule it with an iron fist we just want everyone to have fun!

What we don’t want:

  • any kind of racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other kind of -ism or phobia that makes you act like an asshole toward others.
  • ad hominem attacks, especially when you’re only doing it because you’re wrong and you can’t win an argument that you’ve gotten yourself into.
  • off-color jokes that are directed toward specific people or types of people and are more you being a jerk than you being genuinely funny.
  • petty arguments, bitching, flame wars, or general rudeness–if you disagree with someone, there’s a respectful and a disrespectful way to address that.  Use the respectful way.
  • you piggybacking on our blog  by spamming your links all over the place.  Link when the link is relevant only*, or we will remove it.
  • you advertising on our blog by posting your book titles and latest publications all over our blog. The comments section is not for advertising unless we specifically call for you to post such things.  We will remove all advertisement attempts; even if you try to work it into a “relevant” context, I’m not an idiot–I’ll figure it out.
  • you creating a pingback that is just our link and a totally irrelevant post.
  • you being a dick.

*I want to make this point a bit clearer–the link should be relevant more to what you’re discussing in your comment than just relevant to the post, most of the time. Like, if you wrote a post along the same topic, you shouldn’t just let the link to your post speak for itself–there should be some genuine comment discussion, or that falls under self-promotion. Comments are for discussion.

The consequences for breaking the comment policy can include:

  • having parts of your comment deleted.
  • having your entire comment deleted.
  • having your comment creatively edited to say things like “I smell funny” or “I like to lick frogs”–or worse.
  • being permanently banned from commenting here.

Consequences for posting incredible comments may or may not include winning comment awards, to be granted solely by the booksluts.  Any attempt to sneak in your own fake comment award will receive some kind of retribution.  (We’ll probably just delete it.)  Comment awards that you make yourself and want to award to other people are perfectly acceptable.

This comment policy can change at any time at the discretion of the booksluts.  We have the technology.