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Review: Daring to Eat a Peach by Joseph Zeppetello

January 14, 2014 | Susie | 16 Comments

Book: Daring to Eat a Peach Author: Joseph Zeppetello Published: 2010 by Atticus Books First Line: “Fatally flawed people are plentiful.” Rating: 2.67 literary translators working under a playboy pig Recommended if you like: Unfortunately, I can’t really recommend this book. :( A copy of this […]

Review: Accelerated by Bronwen Hruska

October 28, 2012 | Tony | 26 Comments

Book: Accelerated Author: Bronwen Hruska Published: October 2, 2012 by Pegasus First Lines: “Sean Benning had put in his time.  He couldn’t risk being caught in another conversation about ERB percentiles and afterschool activities that cost more than he made in a month.  Forty-five minutes […]

Review: Waterbaby by Cris Mazza

June 21, 2012 | lucysfootball | 3 Comments

Book: Waterbaby (Powell’s) (Amazon) Author: Cris Mazza Published: October 2007 by Soft Skull Press, 320 pages Date Read: June 2012 First Line: “She’d been feeling a seizure coming on for several weeks, and for the first time in twenty-five years.” Genre/Rating: Literary fiction; 2/5 ghosts disappearing around the side of a lighthouse […]

Review: Kino by Jürgen Fauth

April 18, 2012 | Susie | 4 Comments

Book: Kino (Powell’s) (Amazon) Author: Jürgen Fauth Published: April 15, 2012 by Atticus Books First Lines: “Mina stumbled and fell headlong into her apartment, smacking her knees and the palms of her hands on the hardwood floor. She bit her lip, cursed, resisted the temptation […]

Triple-Decker Review, pt. 2: 11/22/63 by Stephen King

December 8, 2011 | TheEnabler | 19 Comments

This is the third review of our triple-review of 11/22/63, the first parts of which were posted here yesterday.  Book: 11/22/63 Author: Stephen King Published: November 8, 2011 by Scribner; 849 pages First Line: “I have never been what you’d call a crying man.” Genre: Science fiction/alternate history […]

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