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Economic Fundamentals That Authors Sometimes Misunderstand

There isn’t enough money and there aren’t enough readers to keep all indie authors afloat.

Reading Rage: Authors, Stop Comparing Your Books to the Price of a Cup of Coffee

If you’re not selling your ebook at $4.99, that indicates a lack of desire on the part of the potential audience to obtain your book at that price.

I Just Realized S. J. Watson is a Guy. Why Does That Bug Me So Much?

How many male authors can you think of who write from a female perspective well enough to make readers assume that the author is a woman?

Dear Authors: Please stop creating attention-seeking controversy on the internet.

The whole Lynn Shepherd debacle (sj pretty much sums up my feels about that here) is one incident in what is becoming a disturbing trend where some self-published or little-known […]

Dear Authors: Not Every YA Heroine Needs a Boyfriend

I like a good literary romance well enough.  Aw, who am I kidding, I’m the shippiest shipper in all of shipdom.*  I was on Team Ron/Hermione right from Sorcerer’s Stone […]

Do blog tours and extended promotions actually turn followers off?

We’ve done a few events and blog tours here at IB in the past. Blog tours, if you’re not familiar with them, is the digital equivalent of hopping city-to-city to […]

[Reading Rage] Dear authors: If I want your newsletter, I can click “subscribe” myself.

I know that as a blogger who reviews stuff that people want to sell, I am going to get some solicitations. I know this. I’ve mostly come to peace with […]

Getting a blogger to review the book you wrote, part deux.

This isn’t the first post I’ve written about how to get people to read your books, and it probably won’t be the last. The incident that inspired this post was an […]

Authors, are you doing the wrong thing when it comes to Twitter sales?

EDIT: As many people pointed out, this TOTALLY ALSO applies to Goodreads. See comments for details. About a week ago, I was live-tweeting my new cable internet installation. I know, […]

Reading Rage: Don’t Make Me Get Out My Red Pen

Dear Self-Published Authors, Can we chat for a sec?  Here, pull up a chair and let me get you some tea.  Tea is good for these types of discussions, right? […]

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