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Weekend Listening: A Song That Changed My Life

Every get-together that happens at my house ends up in front of the record player as my friends take turns playing DJ.

Weekend Listening: The Coasters’ Greatest Hits by The Coasters

Fun, and absolutely aware of it, the music from this group of five men taps into a playfulness that transcends age.

Committed to the Force: Still Hopeful

So we have a cat named Darth Vader who’s obsessed with dicks and being a dick who cruises around on a ball ship and lies about being a dad. Cool.

Committed to the Force: The Pre-Game

Consider me, then, officially, publicly out as a Star Wars virgin.

Weekend Listening: “Hey Jean, Hey Dean”

Play this song when you’ve done all the adulting and you just can’t do that shit for a minute.

Weekend Listening: Barton Hollow and The Civil Wars by The Civil Wars

To skip a song is to miss a one-of-a-kind harmony, a hummable melody, or a piece of the story that each album tells.

Weekend Listening: This is a Pinback CD by Pinback

Subtle, pure, never showy or domineering, the voices on this album speak about fearing death and child abuse and never forgetting lost loved ones.

Weekend Listening: The Best of Sam Cooke

When you’re feeling sentimental and nostalgic and sweet, the only thing for you is Sam Cooke.

Weekend Listening: Link Wray and the Raymen

Whether for a lazy drive in the Carolina countryside, a scene in a Tarantino flick, or a straight up gang fight, Link Wray and the Raymen will get you up outta your chair.

Weekend Listening: Cease to Begin by Band of Horses

Listen to Cease to Begin when you’re remembering a tattered love, faded memories of an ex, or when you want to dance alone in the dark.

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