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DEATH MATCH the Third: Geek Love vs. The Night Circus

Editor’s note: I’m totally sorry if you got notification spams for this post. I accidentally published it a year ago while trying to schedule it for tomorrow, thereby ripping open […]

DEATH MATCH the Second: Heart-Shaped Box vs. Horns

Hello again, Booksluttians, and welcome again to DEATH MATCH! It seems you all liked the first Death Match enough that I am back for another Death Match! I couldn’t be […]

DEATH MATCH the First: Ready Player One vs. John Dies at the End

Hola, lovely readers and booksluts. Today, I am pleased and proud to present to you not only a brand-new Insatiable Booksluts segment, but the very first post by Amy! Yeah! […]

Have you ever met your favorite authors?

In my dream of dreams, meeting my favorite author would go something like this: Ok, I am sitting two tables away from @neilhimself in a place of coffee & I […]

Banned Books Week: What subversives are you reading?

Firstly, I have to say that I am amazed that people are still fashed over The Color Purple and The Catcher in the Rye, but according to the ALA, both books made the […]

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