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Ghostbusters Haters Can Go Fuck Themselves

How much time and effort does it take to be so hateful toward something that isn’t even a threat?

The Danish Girl is a Beautiful, Important Film

I wish this hadn’t been Leo’s year to win the Best Actor Oscar, because Eddie Redmayne is so heartbreakingly good in this movie, I can’t handle it.

Committed to the Force: Still Hopeful

So we have a cat named Darth Vader who’s obsessed with dicks and being a dick who cruises around on a ball ship and lies about being a dad. Cool.

Committed to the Force: The Pre-Game

Consider me, then, officially, publicly out as a Star Wars virgin.

Me and Earl and Blah and Blah

You can tell a man’s story without it hinging upon the patronization of a woman’s story.

Goodnight Mommy Is A Brilliant, Shocking Movie

Goodnight Mommy is exquisitely written and directed, and the tension, violence, and creep factor are firmly and confidently controlled for every single moment.

The Not Spoopy, Actually Amazingly Spooky, Cat People

If you’re looking for a Halloween movie that’s more than just a laughable, gore-filled mess, take a chance on Cat People.

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