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Morpheus Mondays: The Kindly Ones and The Wake

So. SO. I don’t know if you noticed, but sh*t gets REAL in The Kindly Ones.  (Massive spoilers ahead.) After a brief prologue, the story opens on the Fates/Furies/whatever you […]

Morpheus Mondays: Brief Lives and Worlds’ End

We took a month-long hiatus from Morpheus Mondays in order to concentrate on Sex Month here at IB, so in case you need to brush up on what’s happened so […]

We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Morpheus Mondays for This Special Announcement

I know, guys.  It’s Monday and you’re prolly all “Wait, I thought we were doing Morpheus on Mondays [heh], how come I don’t have some Dream in my RSS?” I […]

Morpheus Mondays – A Game of You & Fables and Reflections

So, when we started scheduling this group read of The Sandman, I was all “I CALL WEEK THREE!” cos I totally wanted to be the one to talk about these […]

Morpheus Mondays: Dream Country & Seasons of Mist

Confession: I don’t read comics.  I love movies and TV shows based on comic books.  Give me all the Marvel and all the DC and all the Image–on my TV.  […]

Morpheus Mondays: Preludes and Nocturnes Through The Doll’s House

[Bzzt. This is Part I of our The Sandman by Neil Gaiman read-along (dream-along?). Over and out.] I think all of us at IB were pretty damn keen on doing a The Sandman read-along. […]

Morpheus Mondays – Dream Through the Worst Day of the Week

I had lots of book crushes when I was growing up. Almost as many cartoon crushes, too. But the first comic book character I wanted to be my boyfriend was […]

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