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21 Feminist Anthems From the ’90s To Get You Through Your Day: A Playlist

There are feminist anthems from a lot of different decades, but the 1990s were a special time for women in music.

Put this In Your Earholes: I Got Yer Hallowe’en Music Right Here

I can almost guarantee you’ll have people moving their butts on your homemade dance floor if you use this Halloween playlist.

Put This In Your Earholes: Because Valentine’s Day Can Suck It

Ugh, Valentine’s Day, amirite? Okay, so maybe you’re not alone. Maybe you’re not (as my friend Herc put it) trying to decide between “ironically not-masturbate[ing], or just unashamedly and unironically […]

Put This in Your Earholes: Because You’re Too Damn Old for Green Day

First things first: I AM NOT TALKING SHIT ABOUT GREEN DAY. HOWEVER, I feel that since I’ve been listening to them since I was 13, it would have been nice […]

Put This in Your Earholes: Songs About Girls

When I was in high school, I was the person everyone came to with their music questions.  “Hey, who does…? [hums badly]…” BOOM, sj had your answer. I don’t even […]

Put This in Your Earholes: Because You Wish Weezer Was Ska

Oh man, you guys.  OH MAN! This is a band that I get THE MOST EXCITED when I talk about them.  Like, we’re talking arms flailing in wild gestures, involuntary […]

Put This in Your Earholes: Music to Read and Write to

I know you all know by now that I’m a totally insatiable bookslut, but you may not also be aware that music is my other true love. Part of it […]

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