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It’s Summer! Here are Four Things to Read When it’s Too Hot to Think

It is just too damn hot to do anything but lay naked on the living room floor underneath the ceiling fan with a wet rag on my forehead, praying for Christmas.

Committed to the Force: It’s Not Okay

C3PO somehow didn’t upgrade his Anti-CockBlocking software.

Committed to the Force: Still Hopeful

So we have a cat named Darth Vader who’s obsessed with dicks and being a dick who cruises around on a ball ship and lies about being a dad. Cool.

LA Gets Even Weirder in City of Devils

Recommended if you like: Detective stories; science-fiction packed to the gills with monsters and mayhem.

Fall Premieres: The Good, The Eh, The Bad, & The Ugly (Sept. Edition)

The Good, The Eh, The Bad and The Ugly for September’s Fall 2015 Premieres.

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